Director Elena Parasco joins Loveboat for representation in the United States and France – fr

Director Elena Parasco joins Loveboat for representation in the United States and France – fr

Transatlantic creative production house Loveboat has signed Elena Parasco to its cooperative of interdisciplinary directors and artists. The company will represent it in the United States and France.
Born and raised in New York City and a graduate of Wesleyan University, Parasco is known for her shooting style that pushes the limits. Parasco’s identifiable style and fast-paced cinematic lens define his approach to athemic, culturally-saturated work that champions unheard-of global voices, while keeping viewers grounded in history. Her work ranges from creating a new style in her escape film focused on the female gaze downtown to push the expectations of a league of athletes into the 2020 WNBA Anthem “Make Way”.

Parasco has worked with many artists and brands, including Nike, Converse, Facebook, Levi’s, WNBA, A $ AP Rocky, the New York Knicks, and the New York City Ballet. His film and his creative work have been featured in publications including Le New York Times, T Magazine, Hypebeast, magazine iD and Vice.

She was named a 2018 ADC Young Guns finalist for her creative portfolio. One Screen New York Film Festival named Parasco a finalist for Best Branded Content of the Year for their film Conversation in the locker room for Nike’s Air Force 1 campaign and in the making of experimental films for his film downtown. Before joining Loveboat, Parasco worked for the production house Sibling Rivalry.

Parasco has spoken on panels such as The Force is Female for Nike and the NBA All-Star Panel (2020) in Chicago, both of which have drawn powerful storytellers from around the world to talk about the importance of inclusive voices. in visual stories. Additionally, Parasco’s photographic work has been included in a book and museum exhibit in Harlem, New York called CITY GAME (2020), curated by Spike Lee.

“Loveboat is committed to creating the opportunities offered by commercial work to push the boundaries of style and storytelling in anti-hemist cinema,” Parasco said.

“Elena is a force with a keen eye, including poetry about athletes, women and unheard of film voices,” says Jeff Baron, managing partner of the Los Angeles office. “Our commitment is the mentorship and development of directors at Loveboat and Elena’s passion for storytelling fits perfectly.”


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