Deontay Wilder Elated After Tyson Fury Ordered To Face Him And Wants To Derail Anthony Joshua Fight, Says Shelly Finkel

Deontay Wilder Elated After Tyson Fury Ordered To Face Him And Wants To Derail Anthony Joshua Fight, Says Shelly Finkel

Deontay Wilder has been “elated” after Tyson Fury is ordered to face him again and wants to ruin rescheduling plans for Fury’s “undisputed” fight with Anthony Joshua, says Wilder co-manager Shelly Finkel.

The former WBC heavyweight champion will have a chance to regain his title after an arbitration tribunal ruled that Tyson Fury should take a third fight, to be held in Las Vegas on July 24.

Wilder has remained silent as he prepares with his practice squad, including the addition of Malik Scott in his corner, and Finkel has revealed his response to the decision.

Fury will face Wilder again in Las Vegas on July 24

“Just delighted. It was just phenomenal, ”Finkel told Sky Sports. “It was a great feeling, great.

“There is a parable about the dog with the bone. The big bone was Saudi Arabia, and you end up with nothing. [Bob] Arum [Fury’s promoter] want it in July, because they think Fury is just going to go through Deontay, and then they can continue this fight with Joshua, provided he defeats Usyk in the fall.

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“That’s what their game plan obviously is, but we’re aiming to derail that. We will see. “

Fury had announced an undisputed fight with Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia, scheduled for August 14, just a day before Judge Daniel Weinstein delivered his verdict.

Joshua promoter Eddie Hearn and US Fury promoter Bob Arum have declared their intention to reschedule the undisputed world title fight in December.


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Finkel said: “I don’t think you have an arbitration there and you’re going to say, ‘Well, we’ve made a deal already.’

“To me that’s just not the logical way to do things and then you don’t hear Eddie [Hearn, Joshua’s promoter] say anything.

“The reason, obviously, someone said to him, ‘You better not say things, because if Fury is fighting you, your guy instead, you have a huge and massive responsibility.’ You caused a breach of contract, which was judged by the court and you instigated it to do so, by suspending Joshua for it.

“It became obvious to Eddie, because he’s smart, I’d better shut up, and I had nothing to do with it.” But they knew there was an arbitration case. Everyone knew and there was at one point, Arum asked for summary judgment.Once it’s denied, you should know that the judge is thinking about something because he would have given you a hint that the ‘case was over.

Wilder wants to ‘disrupt the party’, says Shelly Finkel

“You have to have your own logic. You have to say, “Look, even if it’s a 1% chance I’m going to lose, it’s a 1% chance. “

“I can’t say, ‘It won’t happen.’ They were wrong. [Wilder’s advisor] Al [Haymon] and I just kept going. You haven’t heard us in the papers, you haven’t heard us say anything.

“I avoided all press. I am not sure that nothing could happen.

Wilder was not interested in a pullout deal, although Finkel wondered if the other promotional team was even willing to make a serious offer.

” I think he [Arum] was shocked, “he said.” He really would have preferred Joshua to fight.

“As soon as things in court looked a little bad for the decision, I guess he put some things on hold. He still hoped for the fight in Saudi Arabia. We wanted nothing but combat. It was evident.

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“We never looked for a side step or anything. But by my logic, if it was me, and I was Eddie and there is. Before the decision, I watch 150 million, plus PPV, plus international TV, whatever. . Probably close to 200 million. What would it take to say, “Hey guys, there’s a chance we’ll lose, so instead of making 200 million, give them something and see if they’re interested?” “

“It never happened to that. It’s just silly. If it was me, I would have talked to my fighter and said, “Look, instead of making 100 million, do 90”. Much more than what he’s going to do to fight Usyk, that’s for sure and we hope to disrupt the party. “

Bob Arum and Eddie Hearn declined to comment.


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