Davante Adams has no idea how Aaron Rodgers’ situation will play out – fr

Davante Adams has no idea how Aaron Rodgers’ situation will play out – fr


Last week, a few former Aaron Rodgers teammates appeared to be laying the groundwork for the disgruntled quarterback to be grumbled again at some point before training camp began. Now one of Rodgers’ current teammates is approaching the situation in a way that sounds far less than optimistic.

Receiver Davante Adams, appearing on the Podcast Peter King, addressed Rodgers’ situation. And although Adams: (1) says he spoke to Rodgers; and (2) says he can’t share what they discussed, Adams’ comments confirm that a very real problem exists – and that it involves the very real possibility of Rodgers moving on.

“It’s been tough, man,” Adams told King. “I obviously spoke to [Rodgers] a little. I can’t really share too much of what we’ve been talking about, but it’s just something that is part of the business, is you have to keep people happy. And it’s hard because you’ve invested so much time in one place and done so much for one place that you just hope to see that mutual respect, I guess you could say. And when it doesn’t work exactly the way you want it to, you run into issues like this. But we’re just positive and I’m sticking with my training, doing what I need to do to get myself in a position to be ready, regardless of my quarterback this season. Hoping and praying that it’s still Aaron, just so that we can continue what we’ve been through all this time. But yes, I will continue to work to see how it goes.

While Adams didn’t share any of the specific things Rodgers said, Adams paints a pretty vivid picture of his quarterback’s state of mind. Talking about the need to “keep people happy” means Rodgers isn’t. Talking about seeing “respect is reciprocal” means Rodgers thinks it isn’t. Talking about “whoever my quarterback is” means there’s a good chance it isn’t Rodgers. Speaking of “hope and pray” Rodgers remains means that he is currently not inclined to do so, and Adams knows it.

King then asked Adams if he had a hunch about whether Rodgers would return to the Packers.

“I don’t know, man,” Adams said. “I’m just trying to be positive, just keep my mind on it, I don’t even want to bring anything else into this universe. I just want to have good thoughts and sort of play it down in my head and hope that at some point it’ll get back to normal and we’ll get to camp and everyone’s ready to rock.

To speak of a hope that “this will return to normal” means that it is anything but normal. Talk about “minimize[ing] in my head ”means Adams knows in his heart that this could still end badly for Rodgers and the Packers.

Time will tell how it goes. But by not officially sharing much of what Adams and Rodgers discussed, Adams said a lot. And that will make it even harder for Rodgers to show up at some point and berate the media for doing a big deal with nothing.


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