Danger Has A New Face (Samantha) trailer! – fr

Danger Has A New Face (Samantha) trailer! – fr

Actress Samantha Akkineni’s first-ever web series finally arrives on June 4e. The trailer for ‘The Family Man 2’ is unveiled shortly and it is more daring than the first part.

It starts with the same old, difficult marriage between Srikanth played by Manoj Bhajpayee and Suchitra played by Priyamani. They ask for advice about their marriage on the rocks and it’s business as usual for Srikanth to do a 9 to 5 job. But his heart is not in the right place and suddenly he calls his friend JK.

In Chennai, JK is held hostage and this intrigues Srikanth. Eventually he arrives in the hot and bustling city and learns that they are being attacked but from whom?

Enter Samantha with a dark face and she does action episodes and the like. She is the mastermind of the ISI and the rebels who are planning something big sorting out destruction.

Sam is just amazing and he’s an avatar never seen before. As the creators of “The Family Man” Raj & DK said, it’s a daring role Samantha has never played and they say “DANGER TO A NEW FACE”.

The trailer is exceptional in a lot of ways which is performance, direction and background music. All in all, this has set the right expectations and Samantha will certainly have all eyes on her.

Amazon Prime diffusera «The Family Man 2».

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