Cubs 6, Nationals 3 – fr

Cubs 7, Nationals 3 – fr

I hate to start with Zach Davies, but let’s get that part of the way out of the way first. Davies wasn’t that bad tonight, dropping 3 earned points out of 5.0 IP, with a TON of Grounders (I counted 10) and just a walk. But the same old stories persist: he doesn’t hit anyone, and he walks on eggshells as soon as he faces an opponent for the third time.

He had two sack bunts (both of which led to points), but the fifth inning ended with a ton of hard contact and the sixth inning started off with even more (a Starlin Castro home run of 109.3 mi / hr and a simple 103.8 mph).

And, again, it was after this:

BUT his dirty 6th round arguably led to the best part of the night: Keegan Thompson.

The 2017 Cubs 3rd round pick arrived and recorded two strikeouts after securing a line practice against Javy Baez, ultimately extending his goalless streak to 11.2 IP to start his career. And more than that, just Thompson looked really good overall, with a good bite on its cutter, lots of velocity and a huge power curve that almost hit 3000rpm.

Oh, and he also had his first career hit tonight!

Thompson started the 7th inning, but was eventually relieved by another local Cubs pitcher, Justin Steele, who knocked out Kyle Schwarber with a swing and athletically threw Starlin Castro at first on a field back to the mound.

Beyond that, Willson Contreras (2-5), Kris Bryant (2-3, BB), David Bote (2-4, HR) and Nico Hoerner (3-4) all had multiple hits tonight, while Ian Happ (1-3, BB, HR) made a home run and walked. The Cubs already have 25 hits in the series and have guaranteed themselves at least one division of the series.

(Not sure where else to put this else, but in case you missed it Anthony Rizzo left tonight’s game with a strain on his lower back. Full details here, more tomorrow, I I’m sure.)


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