COVID-19: UK reports four more deaths and 1,946 new cases in last 24-hour period

COVID-19: UK reports four more deaths and 1,946 new cases in last 24-hour period

The UK has reported four more COVID deaths and 1,946 new cases in the last 24-hour period, official figures show.

A single death within 28 days of testing positive for coronavirus was reported in daily figures yesterday – the first time since last August.

The total number of deaths now stands at 127,543.

Live COVID Updates Amid Summer Vacation Reports

The UK has now administered 34,667,904 first doses of vaccine and 15,630,007 second doses, bringing the total to 50.297.911.

This equates to 29.7% of the adult population, or people aged 18 and over, based on the latest population estimates from the Bureau of National Statistics.

As of May 3, 13,072,543 people had received both doses of COVID-19[feminine[feminine vaccine, selon NHS England.

This is the equivalent of 29.5% of the adult English-speaking population.

In Wales, 772,527 people had received both doses – 30.6% of the adult population.

In Northern Ireland the two-dose vaccine figure is 436,887 (30.1%) and in Scotland it is 1,348,050 people, or 30.4% of its adult population.

The four stages of lifting the lockdown in England

The news comes less than two weeks before the third stage of the roadmap to lifting England’s lockdown goes into effect.

May 17 will see the opening of indoor seating in pubs, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Large indoor performances and sporting events with a capacity of 1000 people will also be allowed, as well as large outdoor performances and sporting events for up to 4000 people or half, whichever is lower.

Weddings, wedding receptions, vigils, funerals and baptisms can also take place with up to 30 people.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said that there is a “Good luck”, one meter rule for social distancing can be dropped next month.

And British holidaymakers could be cleared to travel to Europe within a few weeks, with the “green list” of countries from which people will not have to quarantine on their return which is expected to be published this week.


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