COVID-19: SAGE scientist warns UK on ‘knife edge’ as Britons take advantage of sunnier weather

COVID-19: SAGE scientist warns UK on ‘knife edge’ as Britons take advantage of sunnier weather

The busy holiday is expected to bring the hottest weather of the year so far, with temperatures expected to reach 25C today.

But as many people flock to beaches, parks and beer gardens, one of the country’s top scientists has warned that the next two weeks are critical to come out of the pandemic.

After weeks of confinement indoors due to COVID-19 restrictions and recent torrential rains, millions of Britons have took advantage of the weekend sun.

The seaside town of Blackpool was yearning for tourists and good weather, after an appalling economic year due to the pandemic.

Sunday was packed, with people coming from far and wide to enjoy the city’s attractions.

Andy Hygate, director of operations for Blackpool Pleasure Beach, told Sky News: “We saw how busy it has been this weekend and this is what a beach resort should look like – people are having fun, taking ice cream on the beach.

“Seeing this and everything that supports the economy and jobs in the city is really important to us and the resort at large. “

However, scientists still urge caution as the number of new COVID-19 cases continues to rise, fueled by the variant first identified in India.

Professor Susan Michie, professor of health psychology at University College London and member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), told Sky News: “We are on a razor’s edge.

“We could go both ways with this new variant.

“Either it could run away like it did before Christmas, which would be extremely serious and we should have more restrictions, or it could potentially be contained. But that does mean everyone needs to be careful right now.

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Professor “anxious” about increase in COVID cases

“Everyone’s behavior could potentially make a difference.

“So the main thing right now is that people socialize outside, and if people are inside, make sure the windows and doors are open. “

Many people whose summer vacations were canceled or who were unable to book due to travel restrictions chose to use this weekend for a stay.

Natalie Armstrong and her family traveled from Birmingham to Blackpool on Friday.

She said: “(The pandemic lockdown) has been horrible for everyone – the kids have been stuck around the house with the same routines so it’s really nice to finally be able to leave with the whole family this weekend. end.

“We make sure we follow all the rules, sanitize our hands, wear our face masks, but it’s just nice to finally do something a little normal. “

Jamie Pye, who was also at Blackpool, said: “It’s amazing to be back and doing things.

“For so long, we couldn’t see friends and family.

“I forgot what it was like to be in a pub, to go to a football game – it’s like a new world again. ”


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