Covid-19 rules for travel to and from France –

Covid-19 rules for travel to and from France – fr

This summer’s travel rules remain evolving and we will be providing regular updates here on our website.
British traffic light scheme and a similar French tricolor The program, which is to be launched on June 9, is being considered, as are national and European health pass plans to facilitate travel.

Traveling from France

It is possible to travel freely to other EU countries under French rules, but for all destinations you must check the requirements upon arrival on this government site. Germany, for example, requires a 10-day quarantine.

A negative PCR test carried out within 72 hours of departure must be presented upon return to France.

Travel rules in non-EU countries vary, although tricolor is intended to simplify them.

Traveling to a shortlist of seven countries, including the UK, New Zealand, and Australia, is similar to countries in the EU, but those who return are advised to self-isolate voluntarily for seven days, then to pass a PCR test.

For the rest of the world, an urgent reason is needed. Return rules are as above or stricter, with a mandatory 10 day quarantine if returning from countries such as Brazil and India.

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Travel in France

It is not yet possible to visit for vacation from non-EU countries outside of the short list above. France is expected to follow a unified European plan on June 9 and classify countries in red, orange or green. Green means easy travel, amber means travel is possible for vaccinated visitors (conditions for others are not yet known), and red means there is no vacation trip. A green list is established by factors such as a 14-day case rate of less than 75 / 100,000. This does not currently include the United States.

France is considering putting the UK in the amber box due to the spread of the Indian variant.

The current UK orange list of France means it is not a recommended destination, which invalidates some travel insurance and means a 10 day quarantine and two tests upon return to the UK. If it turns green, there is no quarantine and only one test. The control and quarantine rules for entry into France are the same as for returning French residents, as indicated above.

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