COVID-19: Glasgow to remain under level three restrictions as cases ‘uncomfortably high’

COVID-19: Glasgow to remain under level three restrictions as cases ‘uncomfortably high’

Glasgow has an ‘uncomfortably high’ number of COVID cases and will remain at Scottish restrictions on level three, said Nicola Sturgeon.

Give one coronavirus briefing, the prime minister said she had hoped to ease the city’s tightest restrictions this week, but councilors said the move would be “premature.”

But she added that Glasgow could move up to level two from next Saturday, with a decision expected on Wednesday, amid signs COVID-19[feminine[feminine measures have an impact.

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It comes as the single-dose Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine was approved for use in the UK, by the drug regulator.

Mrs. Esturgeon also revealed that Scotland’s R-number could reach 1.3, indicating that the infection is spreading at an increasing rate, with the Indian variant now accounting for more than half of the country’s population. COVID case.

As such, a “reasonable degree of caution” should always be exercised with Friday’s daily case count – 234 – the highest since March 25.

She added: “The increase in cases so far seems to be concentrated in the younger age groups and this may indicate that the vaccination is having a protective effect on the elderly, which of course we want to see. “

Last week, cases in Glasgow continued to rise by 30%, the prime minister reported, but public health experts said the restrictions had had an impact on transmission in the city.

Ms Sturgeon said: ‘There are early signs that the situation is stabilizing in Glasgow.

“It’s inevitably very difficult to weigh all these different factors – the number of cases in Glasgow… is uncomfortably high, but we are seeing signs of progress.

“The perspective of the national incident management team is twofold.

“Firstly, it would be premature to take Glasgow out of level three immediately this week when the situation remains so fragile.

“However, and second, if the incidence continues to stabilize and assuming hospitalization levels remain reasonably stable, the incident management team has made it clear to me that they would support a move to level two from from the end of next week. “

Nicola Sturgeon said a “reasonable degree of caution” was always necessary

Seeking to reassure the public, Ms Sturgeon added: “My message to the people of Glasgow is not to be discouraged, but to welcome the progress we are seeing.

“I live in Glasgow so I know how difficult it is in my own personal life but please continue to help with any public health efforts that are in place because if we continue to to do, we’ll take that step down from level three to level two and then hopefully get back on track and come down even further. “

Ms Sturgeon also said she would confirm whether the rest of Scotland will be able to upgrade to level one on June 7, as planned, next week.

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In the meantime, she urged the public to do their “civic public duty” and get vaccinated.

Ms Sturgeon said, “Getting the vaccine is in our best interest, regardless of our age.

“It’s also the most important thing we can all do to help our family, friends and neighbors – by getting vaccinated we are helping to reduce overall damage and get us all back to normal.

“Rolling up our sleeves – not once but twice – is really part of our civic public duty to each other and to the country right now. ”


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