COVID-19: ‘Danger of unrest’ in Bolton if local coronavirus lockdown measures are imposed, warns council chief

COVID-19: More than 2,300 cases of Indian variant now in UK, says Matt Hancock

There is a “danger of unrest” if Bolton were to be placed in local lockdown, a council chief warned.

David Greenhalgh, curator and head of local authority, said previous implementations of the coronavirus the measures were ineffective in the region.

Speaking to the BBC’s Today program, Mr Greenhalgh was asked if it was true that he had warned Health Secretary Matt Hancock of the civil unrest in the event of COVID restrictions.

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David Greenhalgh, Conservative Leader of Bolton Council. Pic: Bolton’s Council

The advisor said: “I think there is a risk of unrest.

“There was a lot of resentment. Bolton has been… disproportionately hit, really since July of last year, and even when our rates were going down we got stuck while rates in other areas were higher than ours. “

Bolton is currently one of the hot spots for the Indian variant of the coronavirus.

Cases doubled last week, and 19 people are in the hospital, according to Hancock.

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Mr Greenhalgh added: “We are taking all the steps we can at the moment. We have a large community, there is no doubt about it, and we retain a variant which would appear – although the evidence is still being collected – to be a little more transmissible, easily transmissible.

“The majority of our cases are in our younger age groups – elementary school, high school and in their twenties.

“We still haven’t seen an increase in hospitalizations and serious illnesses, which is extremely welcome, these numbers are still low.

“We are doing everything we can, the government has sent surge vaccinations, surge tests… We are doing everything we can, but I think the next two weeks we will see our cases increase again. ”


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