Couple charter SpiceJet 737 to get married –

Couple charter SpiceJet 737 to get married – fr

Wow on so many levels …

SpiceJet 737 secretly chartered for the wedding

Yesterday (May 23, 2021), a SpiceJet Boeing 737-800 made a 1 hour 36 minute flight to nowhere, in that it took off and landed at Madurai Airport (IXM) in the south from India.

What was the reason for this theft? Well, many places in India have capped weddings at 50 guests due to the current severity of the coronavirus outbreak, but the couple wanted more guests than that. That’s where the idea to charter a plane came from – it would allow the couple to invite 161 of their closest family and friends, while trying to sidestep the restrictions.

Flight SG9022 took off from Madurai and flew southwest. He then flew over the temple of Kashi Vishwanathar, where the couple married, before returning to Madurai.

Aviation authority blames crew for marriage

It is reported that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) forced the airline to remove the crew from its lists and to file a complaint with the competent authorities against those who did not respect the protocols.

I have the impression that the DGAC has a habit of blaming the wrong party for breaking the rules. Personally, I think the fault lies more with the airline than with the crew in particular.

How exactly did this charter request go? “Hey, for no reason, we’d like to rent a 737 for a few hours for ourselves and 161 of our closest friends, and we’d like it to circle over a specific temple multiple times, again, for none. right at all.

Presumably the whole party showed up at the airport in full wedding attire, so it should have been obvious what was going on before the plane even left the ground.

If you ask me, the main responsibility lies with the airline for putting the crew in an impossible situation. It looks to me like the crew is thrown under the bus here. Guess they should have been held accountable for not enforcing the rules, but can you imagine what the crew would have faced in flight if they had tried to stop the marriage?

At the end of the line

A reckless couple have decided to charter a Boeing 737 SpiceJet to have a secret wedding with more than 50 guests, in violation of coronavirus restrictions in India. It seems the party convinced the airline that they wanted to charter a plane just for fun, and apparently no one found this suspicious.

The couple then married during the flight and coronavirus protocols were not followed. The crew are held responsible, although I feel that the responsibility falls much more on the management for having authorized this type of charter at the start.

What do you think of this in-flight wedding party?

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