Corrie fans in floods of tears as Seb Franklin dies of hate attack – fr

Corrie fans in floods of tears as Seb Franklin dies of hate attack – fr

Coronation Street viewers were moved to tears watching Friday’s show as Seb Franklin tragically died from his injuries after the horrific hate attack on him and his girlfriend Nina Lucas.
Her mother, Abi Franklin, learned the devastating news alongside Kevin Webster, and she fell to the ground and screamed in agony.

Actress Sally Carman gave the performance of a lifetime in scenes that made viewers cry, based on a script inspired by the murder of Sophie Lancaster, who was also attacked for being gothic.

As Seb underwent tests in the hospital, a disjointed Abi told Kevin how Seb was going to improve, even planning to order his favorite meal when he got home.

Seb’s brain was no longer sending messages to his body, and the medics couldn’t do anything

But the doctor then approached her, asking, “Would you like to sit down?” “

“No, I would like you to continue with this so that I can see my son,” Abi snapped.

The doctor explained, “Sebastian failed the brainstem test. His brain is no longer sending messages to his body.

Abi fell to the ground and cried upon hearing the devastating news

“Her body has closed, there is nothing more to do and her heart has stopped. “

“But can you turn it back on?” Abi stammered.

“I’m afraid not, I’m really sorry, he’s dead,” the doctor told him.

“No…” Abi said, before collapsing to the floor, moaning in pain, then sobbing at her son’s bedside and apologizing to him for her belief that she failed to keep him safe. .

Abi said goodbye to her young son in the hospital

A viewer tweeted: “OMG, that gave me goosebumps as Abi screamed. Very heartbreaking. Asha is a stupid chick, imagine there are people so naive that they are willing to stick with monsters that hurt others. #corrie« .

“Good tear shaker tonight!” #CorrieAdded another.

“As the mother of a beautiful son, my heart breaks for Abi. I know it’s a soap opera, but it’s killing me #CorrieAdded a third.

A heartbroken Abi says goodbye to her last child, Seb
A heartbroken Abi says goodbye to her last child, Seb

A fourth wrote: “Noooooo! Sobbing here again. Such powerful writing and acting, tackling such an important issue. This kind of violence and senseless hatred is happening all over our country. our society. Things must change. #Corrie« .

While Nina remains in the hospital, she does not remember much and does not know who assaulted her.

But she remembers seeing Corey – who is probably the culprit – as he begged his girlfriend Asha to lie for him and say they were together at the time of the attack, giving him an alibi.

Corrie fans called the scenes "poignant"
Corrie fans called scenes ‘heartbreaking’ as Seb succumbed to his injuries

While Asha was visiting Nina, her uncle Roy Cropper accused her of caring more about Corey than Nina, as she insisted he wasn’t guilty.

Corey became aggressive with Asha, demanding that she lie for him, despite the fact that he had previously disclosed explicit photos of her.

But maybe she’s starting to realize that there must be a reason Corey wants her to lie to him – will she realize the truth and tell the police?

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