Consett vs Hebburn Town: Live Online TV Updates & How to Watch 2020 Non-Championship Finals Day (0-0)

Consett vs Hebburn Town: Live Online TV Updates & How to Watch 2020 Non-Championship Finals Day (0-0)

13: 576 minutes ago

13 minutes ago
Mark Foden gives up on Darren Lough, whose back pass is short and is intercepted by Jermaine Metz. Full-back Consett spins, but Foden does well to tackle and shake off the danger. Moments later, Calvin Smith hits over the crossbar. (2-2).

13 minutes ago
There will be eight minutes of extra time at the end of the first half at Wembley (2-2).

13 minutes ago

13 minutes ago

13 minutes ago
Consett advances with rhythm, a lot of space in the middle of the field opening up. Dale Pearson tried to cross the back post from the edge of the box, but the ball was returned to Mark Foden for Hebburn’s goal.

13 minutes ago
Following this long delay, the pace of the matches has slowed down slightly, but it is Consett who is about to regain the lead at Wembley. Calvin Smith, who scored the winning goal in the semifinals, completed a strike off the post (1-1).

13: 2934 minutes ago
Consett is forced to make his first substitution in the final after an injury. Jake Orrell makes way for Nick Allen (1-1).

13: 28il y a 35 minutes
A long delay in the game at Wembley, Jake Orrell is down and there are a few medics around him. Clear concern here, we hope he’s okay. It looked like a collision in Consett’s surface, and a head or neck injury here (1-1)

13: 2340 minutes ago
WHAT ANSWER FROM HEBBURN !!! The Hornets respond just a minute after falling behind. The ball went from Michael McKeown to Amar Purewal, who keeps his cool and hits home at the near post (1-1).

13: 2142 minutes ago

13: 1944 minutes ago
Hebburn Town should really be in the lead here, Michael McKeown’s effort is well saved by Kyle Hayes’ legs. The ball is returned to Michael Richardson, whose effort is pushed back on the crossbar by the goalkeeper Consett (0-0).

An hour ago
Really lively start to the FA Vase final, and it’s Consett’s turn to get closer with effort. Darren Holden drifts inside from the left and buckles an effort through the goal and away from the far post (0-0).

An hour ago
The first sight of the goal falls on the way to Hebburn Town. The ball is worked at the feet of Graeme Armstrong by Tom Potter, and the attacker takes a touch before shooting over the crossbar (0-0).

13h05 ago
Only one team has come out of the blocks so far here and that is the team in white. Consett started on the front foot at Wembley. Ali Alshabeeb was very lively during the first exchanges and tried to reach the back line of Hebburn (0-0).

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