Conservative MPs take on Dominic Cummings following testimony from Covid

Conservative MPs take on Dominic Cummings following testimony from Covid

Tory MPs have made clear their disdain for Dominic Cummings after the Prime Minister’s former senior adviser sharply criticized Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and other government figures for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although only a few dozen Tories initially called for his resignation last spring for making trips during the first nationwide lockout, many have now stacked themselves on the former Vote Leave campaign manager, credited with helping the party to win a large majority in the last elections by dismantling. parts of the “red wall” of Labor.

In a subtle jibe at Cummings the morning after her seven-hour sitting before two parliamentary committees, Tory backbench MP Dehenna Davison presented a “Barnard Castle visual test” behind her in a virtual appearance at the Communes.

The riding of the MP for Bishop Auckland contains the beauty site that Cummings visited from Durham last April; he said he made the round trip to test his eyesight before returning to London.

Anna Turley, the former Labor MP for Redcar who lost her seat in 2019, reflected: ‘Alexa, what is the definition of gas lighting?’ While Thom Brooks, Dean of Durham Law School and Director of Labor Academics, tweeted: “Dominic Cummings’ conduct at Barnard Castle has been a major factor that has undermined public confidence in the guidelines to protect the public and to save lives. This is no joke – and the voters of Bishop Auckland deserve better than that.

Other Conservatives in the Commons attacked Cummings’ “unfounded Westminster gossip” on Thursday and called criticisms of the government “opportunism and revisionism”, despite the gravity of its claims.

They understand: that Johnson ignored scientists’ advice to order a second national lockdown, that hospital patients returned to care homes with Covid were not properly tested and that the Health Secretary lied and withheld some coronavirus tests to achieve a “stupid” goal.


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