Connor and Leon Show rises as Edmonton Oilers beat Vancouver Canucks – fr

Connor and Leon Show rises as Edmonton Oilers beat Vancouver Canucks – fr

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The Edmonton Oilers netted a goal against the Vancouver Canucks, but the game never looked in doubt, the only question being when Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl would finally soar.

They did and the game was soon out of reach for Vancouver, with Edmonton winning 4-1.

In total, Edmonton had 11 scoring opportunities, while the Canucks had just five (checking count).

Connor McDavid, 8 ans. He had relatively calm first two periods until his extended kick, elbow and cross-control and retaliation on JT Miller. Don’t wake up the dragon! McD started off and quickly gave Draisaitl two good shots for two great goals, 93 points in 51 games. Coach Dave Tippett kept 97 minutes under 8:00 p.m.

Léon Draisaitl, 8 years old. Had his boots slow in the first and choked on a slot game leading to two 5-alarm chances for the Canucks. He started in the second, almost scored a couple of times, then set Barrie up for a hard shot. Finally, with five minutes left in that same frame, he slammed into a single flow of McD. A moment later, he scored again, this time crushing a power-play timer.

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Jesse Puljujarvi, 6 ans. Some good scramble games but no major results.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, 7 ans. His line was a three-man demolition machine at the start, but couldn’t score. He helped design five gorgeous multiplayer passing games in the first and second, but linemates Dominik Kahun (twice) and Kailer Yamamoto (three times) couldn’t cash. fierce as it was rare. He got his own dangerous power-play shot in the third.

Dominik Kahun, 7 ans. He was thwarted by Thatcher Demko on a 5 alarm shot in the first, then later on a stopwatch on an RNH stream. But well combined with RNH and Yamo.

Kaile Yamamoto, 7 ans. He went out flying. Helped set up Kahun’s first chance, but failed to score with his own first two Grade A scraps. Where did his hands go? He missed the net completely on a partial fumble.

Kyle Turris, 4 years old. Quiet play, low event and you want a little more of an attacker.

It’s Ennis, 5 years old. He tried a butt move and almost slipped it into the top corner of the first. A clever puck game but no major results.

Ryan McLeod, 5 ans. He was part of the general chaos in front of Vancouver’s net on Bouchard’s second goal in the period. Not much to mention other than that.

Jujhar Khaira, 6 ans. He looked sharper this game. He went hard at the net for a first period of Category A luck. He accused harshly on a second attempt to close in period.

Alex Chiasson, 7 years old. He snatched an outside slapper off the post in the first, part of a strong period for him. His battle won in the third period kicked off the game on Edmonton’s fourth goal.

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Josh Archibald, 6 ans. He worked hard, as usual, and left the team with three hits. He gave Nurse a soft back pass on Edmonton’s fourth base.

Tyson Barrie, 5. Again, he made a misguided pinch. Again, this led to a two-on-one, with Nils Hoglander and Brock Boeser combining on one goal. He slipped into the lunge and landed a dangerous shot on a Draisaitl stream within the second.

Nurse Darnell, 7 years old. He failed to stop the Hoglander from passing to Boeser on Vancouver’s opening goal, but that was mainly because of Barrie’s bad pinch. Backed up too fast and allowed a hard twist from Bo Horvat in the second. He screened Bouchard’s goal well in the second period. He hit Edmonton’s fourth goal on a bad two-on-one wrist shot. It was his 16th goal of the year. He made up for his first period blunder by breaking a three-on-one in Vancouver with a sliding block at the end of the third. He played his usual 27:56.

Adam Larsson, 6 years old. He got nasty in the third, taking some penalties for his difficult play. But kept a clean sheet on defense, not a major mistake on a grade A chance against.

Dmitry Kulikov, 6 ans. A few puck bumps in the first period extended the Canucks’ zone time. Otherwise, it was solid.

Evan Bouchard, 7 years old. He showed his class with many strong assists and a goal. He did a beauty backhand to Yamamoto in the first, but a Vancouver d-man blocked Yamo’s open-net shot. He made another great pass in the second, a stretch to McDavid in the center of the ice. He whipped out an outside shot at the end of the second, recognizing an armored lunge and taking advantage. He was promoted to power play and penalty kick in the third. His only big failure was to let go of Jimmy Vesey for a third inside period from the post to the trash. He played 20:13.

William Lagesson, 6 ans. Some good passes and hits. He received a cross-check penalty in the second, absolute proof that NHL referees do indeed still penalize cross-checks.

Mike Smith, 7 ans. Didn’t have much luck on Van’s first goal, but came big later in the first, making two huge saves on a Draisaitl slot turnover. These are the saves he had to make to win and he made them.

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