Computer glitch allowed some in British Columbia to book 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine early –

Computer glitch allowed some in British Columbia to book 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine early – fr

VANCOUVER – Many in British Columbia are wondering when they will be able to receive their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, but a computer glitch has meant some were able to reserve another vaccine before they were.

Most vaccines given at the province’s immunization clinics are first doses, but over the long weekend some BC residents were able to reserve a second vaccine – well before the four-month gap .

Zahra Lalani said some of her friends were able to book their doses early. She said she was getting text messages suggesting she try to do the same, so she tried to reserve a second photo for herself and her mom.

“I said, ‘It can’t be possible!’… I’m a nurse. I had my first vaccine in February, and then these are reservations that had their first vaccine in April, which are already booked for early June, ”she said.

She said she knew several people who were able to get their second dates, although in the end she was not.

“It’s a little frustrating and confusing because you are wondering if you should trust the system,” she said.

While people have been told to wait for a message through the provincial reservation system, when others can call and enter earlier, “it gets on your nerves,” Lalani said.

What happened was a computer glitch, according to health officials who say the problem has since been resolved.

As the system was reprogrammed, a number of second dose invitations were sent out in error early on. People who received them told friends and family about it, and some people who did not receive an invitation called the immunization line and found they could book their next injection as well.

“We honor the appointments that people have already made, but we will send them out in a structured way starting at the end of the week,” Provincial health official Bonnie Henry said on Tuesday.

The doctor said the four-month interval between injections, which was initially put in place to allow as many people as possible to receive their first dose earlier, will be shortened for all British Columbians.

The time between doses will be shorter regardless of which vaccine a resident of the province has received, she said.

” Hold on. We are making sure that the second dose invitations for those who received their vaccine first, especially in March and April, who are in the clinically extremely vulnerable group, you will start receiving them very soon, ”Henry told a report. press conference.

“And I’ll have more details on how it all works out for people on Thursday. “

With reporting by Shannon Paterson of CTV News Vancouver


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