Comedian Katherine Ryan hits back at sexist trolls who expect her to put her career on hold –

Comedian Katherine Ryan hits back at sexist trolls who expect her to put her career on hold – fr

Katherine Ryan spoke publicly about her pregnancy earlier this week, as she proudly showed off her bump during a live recording of her Telling Everybody Everything podcast.
Since the announcement, Katherine says she’s received a lot of messages – and applauded online trolls who expect her to put her career on hold as she expands her family.

Yesterday on Instagram, Katherine told her 723,000 followers that she would not cancel her tour.

Shooting a video outdoors in front of a horse paddock, the Canadian comedian said, “I got a lot of really touching kind messages and a lot of rude messages.

Katherine applauded the sexist questions she has been asking since she spoke publicly about her pregnancy

“And a lot of messages – a lot of messages – asking if I’m going to cancel my tour. “

Katherine paused, to emphasize that she wouldn’t let it get to her, before continuing.

She said, ‘I’m just going to let this sexism take hold of me. I’m not going to let this affect my zen.

“No, I’m not canceling my tour. “

She followed up the video with a snap of her wearing a black t-shirt, on which she wrote “Your dad is canceling his tour”.

Katherine is currently pregnant with her childhood sweetheart Bobby Kootstra, whom she reunited after 20 years of separation while visiting Canada to film for the BBC show Who Do You Think You Are.

The couple then entered into a civil partnership by getting married in a low-key ceremony in Denmark in 2019.

Katherine has a young daughter named Violet, from a previous relationship, who would love to become a big sister.

The beloved mom has been known to use emojis to obscure her appearance in order to allow her daughter to remain anonymous in photos she shares of herself online.

Katherine Ryan and Bobby Kootstra entered into a civil union in Denmark

Fans are especially excited about the happy news from Katherine, as the actress previously asked people not to ask her if she was expecting it.

Katherine doesn’t hesitate to discuss difficult topics, she opens up to listeners about her experience of pregnancy loss on her podcast.

Speaking to her fans, Katherine explained last April how she felt after finding out there was no heartbeat during an exam for her pregnancy in February 2020.

In the episode titled ‘Loss of Pregnancy’, Katherine asked listeners not to ask questions about the pregnancy, saying, “If you see me particularly fat, in a year or two, please don’t reach out and being like “hey, you and Bobby should be having a baby” or “are you pregnant?” ” because…

“Don’t just ask that of anyone. Until you see a baby crowning, don’t ask this question because you don’t really know what’s going on. “

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Since the announcement of her pregnancy, fans have been delighted for Katherine and Bobby as they expand their family – they are reported to be expecting their child this summer.

Violet is said to delight Katherine fans when she announced that she was “very excited” to be a big sister.

Katherine’s UK tour titled Missus is set to run from November 2021 to May 2022, following the September 2021 release of her book The Audacity.


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