Cody Rhodes on AEW EVPs Don’t Talk Rumor –

Cody Rhodes on AEW EVPs Don’t Talk Rumor – fr

AEW EVP Cody Rhodes held media call ahead of AEW Double or nothing pay per view. Rhodes discussed his feud with Anthony Ogogo, and he brought up a recent rumor about internal fights among the TEUs. The Young Bucks had fun with the rumor and Rhodes explained how true the rumor is.

“Well, when I heard this story was going around, that’s one of the things that I cut because we’ve been very successful, AEW, and with NXT losing the Wednesday night wars created a lot of anger, ”Rhodes said. And I understand that there is a lot of hardcore NXT and WWE fans, and that’s why stories like this don’t surprise me. I think people have to hold on to something, and as sexy as this story is, I talk to Matt and Nick every day.

“I’m talking to Kenny [Omega] very often. I fully support their projects. They backed all of my plans, and we couldn’t get this show on the air, Tony’s [Khan] the man and Tony is the boss, but we wouldn’t be able to air this show if the four of us didn’t function as one team. Sadly, that’s not very sexy to say, but there is no truth to it. Again we are a team, now with us expanding to TBS we will remain a team.

Rhodes later discussed his current role in AEW. Rhodes is currently in a feud with QT Marshall’s The Factory and prior to that he was part of the Shaquille O’Neal tag match with Red Velvet and Jade Cargill.

“I am aware of my numbers and my reach, and I am, once again, honored and very lucky to have the fans that I have. I’m chasing these fans, it was like a decade, before the noise started, and I support them so much like they support me, ”Rhodes said. “When it comes to going up the map, I’m going to keep my promise not to fight for the AEW World Championship, and if you’re not the world champion you can’t say you’re the best.” world wrestler. So as a wrestler, it eats away at me.

“Absolutely, I say this in all sincerity, it gnaws at me, but I made a promise, and we want to make sure [as a] mark and me as a person, that I keep my promises. So what’s my goal with any segment that I am in and with any segment that I produce, because I produce several segments potentially per week and things of that nature, with everything that I produce, j ‘tries to make it as valuable as the main event. I try to steal the show in whatever area is presented to me, and it presented a challenge to do so with maybe some very new and fresh talent, but no risk, no reward.

“Darby Allin is a great example of that and look what he’s become. He’s heading for last name status at AEW, but I don’t see myself pulling the card out of the world title photo if I want to keep that promise to the fans. I’m not going to break that promise and turn on my back. It just won’t happen. I am working my ass for the fans that I have, and I will continue to work for them. So I’m just trying to make the most of what I have, and I think it challenges those segments around me whether they’re at the top of the map or at the bottom of the map to follow me just like j love to follow some of the best talent we have on our show.

AEW present Double or nothing this Sunday evening live on PPV. You can find the full audio of Cody’s AEW media call below:


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