Clubhouse downloads drop to 900,000 in April as competition intensifies – fr

Clubhouse downloads drop to 900,000 in April as competition intensifies – fr

Clubhouse quickly became a huge hit earlier this year, reaching over 8 million downloads in the iOS App Store in February. However, as the competition grows, things are not going well for the audio social network. A new report claims the app saw around 900,000 downloads in April, after peaking at 9.6 million downloads three months ago.

According to research on the sensor tower shared with Business intern, Clubhouse recorded 922,000 downloads worldwide in April 2021. This represents a decrease of 66% from the 2.7 million downloads in March – and becomes even more significant from the 9.6 million downloads recorded by Clubhouse in February.

Data from Sensor Tower suggests that Clubhouse user retention is still strong, meaning the majority of users who downloaded it still have the app installed. However, the significant drop in the number of downloads is concerning for the company, as it means that fewer potential users are interested in its social network.

The company has tried to stay relevant by introducing a new feature to monetize live chats and even a program to help content creators, but that doesn’t seem to be enough in the face of the competition. In recent months, companies like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, and even Spotify have introduced their own live audio platforms that do essentially the same thing as Clubhouse.

Twitter, in particular, is doing well with its audio platform called Twitter Spaces – which has finally become widely available today for iOS and Android users. Meanwhile, Clubhouse remains pretty much an iPhone-only app, as an Android beta wasn’t announced until earlier today.

Despite the company being valued at around $ 1 billion in January and seeking new investors, Clubhouse’s future is now unclear.

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