Closure of COVID-19 test site in Hoboken, after 60,000th test – fr

Closure of COVID-19 test site in Hoboken, after 60,000th test – fr

HOBOKEN, NJ – After administering 60,000 coronavirus tests to residents and workers of Hoboken since the pandemic began in March 2020, the city announced on Friday it would close its one-stop test site in upscale neighborhoods – the first in New Jersey.

The city will still be able to test residents in individual doctor’s offices and also operates several COVID vaccination clinics.
During the confused start of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 – when testing was scarce and the virus was still poorly understood – the city of Hoboken partnered with Riverside Medical Group to run the first public rapid testing site in New Jersey, a site outside the city’s northern border.
The site has received enough media attention to receive meeting requests from out-of-state travelers passing through the area. (Applications declined.) READ MORE: Year at the helm of Hoboken Coronavirus Hotline: What volunteers saw

On Friday, Bhalla thanked Dr Raj Brahmbhatt and the Riverside Medical Group team for their service during the pandemic, as well as the team of CERT volunteers who handled the appointment calls.

“As one of the region’s premier public rapid testing sites, Riverside ensured that our residents had early and continuous access to testing, which has undoubtedly saved lives,” said Bhalla. “While the closure of the testing center is bittersweet, it also shows that we are making real progress in getting back to normalcy. “

The city’s coronavirus count began to drop late last month for the first time since the fall, as the city ramps up vaccination programs. More than 94 percent of people over 65 in the city have now received at least one dose of vaccination. READ MORE: Here are the percentages of Hoboken residents vaccinated against COVID, by age group

The city said residents of Hoboken can continue to get tested via Riverside with a rapid COVID-19 or PCR test at all three Riverside sites in Hoboken. To make an appointment, residents should call the Riverside branch where they would like to be tested:

  • 232, rue Clinton: 201-876-3215
  • 609, rue Washington: 201-706-8490
  • 1111, rue Hudson: 201-942-9314

People 12 and older can get vaccinated at various clinics, pharmacies and doctors’ offices around the city, such as this clinic scheduled for Saturday.

“Thanks also to the Hoboken CERT team, the Hoboken Emergency Management Office, the Hoboken Police Department and the Hoboken Health Department for playing a vital role in Riverside operations,” said Bhalla, “As well as to Bijou Properties for providing their property to host the tests continued through the winter and spring. »READ MORE: Year at the helm of the Hoboken Coronavirus hotline: what volunteers saw

“Hoboken CERT is incredibly proud of the role we have played, providing information and helping to register citizens and employees for COVID-19 testing through our call center,” said Hoboken CERT Sgt. Jack Silbert. “It has been an honor to work with Riverside Medical Group, who have impressed us with their efficiency and prompt response to all of the urgent cases that we have brought to their attention. “

In addition to the COVID-19 test, Riverside Medical Group helped Hoboken vaccinate 4,300 residents and community members.

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