Chrissy Teigen calls Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry “scary” – fr

Chrissy Teigen calls Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry “scary” – fr

Chrissy Teigen called out Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry for being “creepy” after two women who matched dating app actors Raya leaked videos of them.

“I agree celebs shouldn’t be making those scary, desperate video responses about Raya,” the model, 35, tweeted Thursday.

But Teigen also slammed the women for going to TikTok to denounce the actors’ eyebrow-raising behavior.

“It’s sticky to post private messages. You are both wrong, congratulations, ”she wrote.

Earlier this week, TikTok user Nivine Jay went viral after sharing a private video Affleck, 48, allegedly sent him on Instagram to confirm his identity on Raya.

A shared image of Ben Affleck, Chrissy Teigen and Matthew Perry
Chrissy Teigen responded to two TikTok users who had virtual encounters with Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry.
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In the clip, the “Gone Girl” actor says, “Nivine, why did you argue with me? It’s me. “

Days later, Kate Haralson, a TikTok user, took to social media to share a recording of her FaceTime call with Perry, 51, after they appeared on Raya.

In the video, the former “Friends” asked Haralson, “Do you still play with your hair so much? ”During a series of“ 20 questions ”.

“A lot of people were saying I’m a bully and bad for posting this, and it made me feel a little bit bad, but at the same time I feel like a lot of guys in Hollywood are talking to all these young girls and that’s something I think a lot of people should be aware of, ”Haralson, 20, said exclusively to Page Six Thursday.

She added, “Honestly, it’s not really okay for these older guys to talk to such young girls.”

None of the stars responded to the leaked videos.

Perry announced he was engaged to literary director Molly Hurwitz, 29, in November 2020.

Affleck, who shares three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, recently dated Ana de Armas, although they separated in January. He has since been spotted with ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez, whose engagement to Alex Rodriguez ended last month, though sources claim they are just friends.


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