Chris Weidman finally walks on his own after brutal leg injury –

Chris Weidman finally walks on his own after brutal leg injury – fr

Chris Weidman’s return from a brutal leg injury suffered at UFC 261 is going to be a very long process, but at least the former UFC middleweight champion is finally smiling as his recovery resumes.

Weidman injured his leg in a main card game with Uriah Hall at UFC 261 last April. The two fighters barely exchanged punches before Weidman launched a leg kick that landed perfectly on Hall’s leg and snapped Weidman’s shin in half. The injury is one of the worst you can take inside the Octagon and Weidman finds out the hard way.

Fortunately, the UFC veteran is a fighter at heart. With Weidman’s career already looking to be on the wane, the 36-year-old will fight tooth and nail to heal his leg and make a memorable return to action. It’s easier said than done, but Weidman seems to be making incredible progress with his recovery.

Earlier this month, a video surfaced in which Weidman was walking using an anti-gravity treadmill. It was amazing to see that only a few weeks were taken away from the injury. Now, a few weeks later, Weidman’s recovery has accelerated even further. The former UFC champion has progressed so well that he’s already walking alone. Check it out above.

“I walk alone! Big day baby !! Thanks for all the love and support. Inspired by all of you, ”Weidman wrote via Instagram.

There have been a few fighters who have come back from an injury like this, including Weidman’s ex-rival Anderson Silva, so the odds of Weidman making a full recovery and winning in battle are pretty solid. This assumes that he can safely continue to scale up his recovery efforts without suffering setbacks.

Mania will continue to provide updates on Weidman’s status in the future.


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