Chordant operates convex to curb COVID-19 in schools in Normandy, France – fr

Chordant operates convex to curb COVID-19 in schools in Normandy, France – fr

LONDON and PARIS, May 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Chordant today announced the launch of the ACCO2 solution via Convex in Duclair, Normandy, France, as a comprehensive solution to curb COVID-19 by CO2 vigilance.
Convex, Chordant’s global mobility data exchange service, enables innovative new solutions by sharing, transforming and integrating dynamic data. Located at the intersection of fragmented or disconnected data systems, Convex facilitates collaborative ways to enable data-driven initiatives that will help governments ensure safer, cleaner and better environments for their citizens while preserving sovereignty. data for data providers and users. By collecting and sharing data from traditionally disconnected systems, a powerful operational framework is presented to organizations to accelerate their innovation cycle.

The ACCO2 solution, which was collaboratively designed and built by Chordant, draws on international research that suggests the need to monitor and control CO2 levels indoors to reduce the spread of viral infections such as COVID-19 through aerosol transmission. The solution, which is delivered through Convex, is an end-to-end solution as a service that deploys high performance wireless and standalone CO2 field sensors connected to secure data networks. These networks are managed by mobile operators such as Orange or Bouygues Telecom. The data analysis and risk alerts provided by the ACCO2 solution allow public authorities and private organizations to ensure the maintenance of social distancing in classrooms, restaurants or spaces welcoming groups of people.

“We are very happy to have been able to launch the ACCO2 solution so quickly,” comments Mika Rasinkangas, President of Chordant. “To be able to work with the French public authorities, such as the city of Duclair; demonstrating the capabilities of Convex and responding to a pandemic that has affected so many people around the world is a very proud moment for us here at Chordant.

Jean Delalandre, The Mayor of Duclair comments: “We were aware of the need to maintain fresh air in confined spaces from the first days of the pandemic. It was especially important to reduce the risk of the spread in areas such as schools where large numbers of citizens congregated. We are very happy to have partnered with Chordant to deploy their ACCO2 solution and look forward to its deployment in our classrooms to ensure the health of our children. “

About the Municipality of Duclair

With a population of 4,200 inhabitants, Duclair is a rural commune in the Seine-Maritime department of the Normandy region in the north France. It is in the heart of the metropolis of Greater Rouen-Normandy, with a primary and higher education system, a music and dance conservatory, a dojo, a city stadium, a green road and a very dynamic city center. For more information, visit:

About Chordant

Chordant provides dynamic data exchange solutions that enable our customers to build and operate new mobility solutions based on shared data. Our services power data-driven applications for cities and regions, connected and autonomous mobility, and complex infrastructure and facilities. Chordant operates Convex (, the mobility data exchange for the connected and autonomous mobility ecosystem and is a main partner of CAM Testbed UK. Chordant has been recognized by many analyst firms and organizations for its cutting edge solutions. For more information visit:

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