Chinese Tianwen-1 probe returns Mars landing visuals_English Channel_CCTV ( – fr

Chinese Tianwen-1 probe returns Mars landing visuals_English Channel_CCTV ( – fr

BEIJING, May 19 (Xinhua) – Two photos and two videos captured by China’s Mars Tianwen-1 probe during and after the country’s first landing on the Red Planet were released by China’s National Space Administration (CNSA) on Wednesday.

The lander carrying a Tianwen-1 mission rover landed in the southern part of Utopia Planitia, a vast plain in the northern hemisphere of Mars, on May 15, becoming the country’s first probe to land on an other planet. than Earth.

The first photograph, a black and white image, was taken by an obstacle avoidance camera installed in front of the Mars rover. The image shows that a ramp on the lander has been extended to the surface of Mars. The rover’s forward steering terrain is clearly visible in the image, and the Mars horizon appears curved due to the wide-angle lens.

The second image, a color photo, was taken by the navigation camera installed on the back of the rover. The rover’s solar panels and antenna are seen unfolded, and the red soil and rocks on the Martian surface are clearly visible in the image.

The probe also returned two videos taken by a camera to the orbiter, showing how the lander and rover separated from the orbiter during landing.

Tianwen-1, consisting of an orbiter, a lander and a rover, was launched on July 23, 2020. It was the first step in China’s planetary exploration of the solar system, with the aim of completing orbit, landing and wandering on the red planet in one mission.

After landing last Saturday, the lander and rover established communication with Earth.

On May 17, the orbiter entered orbit to relay communication between the rover and Earth, and returned images and data from the rover.

The rover is now preparing to descend from the lander to the Martian surface, CNSA said.


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