Chinese leaders’ disgusting mockery of COVID-19 deaths in India – fr

Chinese leaders’ disgusting mockery of COVID-19 deaths in India – fr

Boy, these Chinese Communists have a certain sense of humor: On Saturday, the Central Committee on Political and Legal Affairs posted on its official Sina Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) account a side-by-side image of a missile launch Chinese next to incineration fires. in India, captioned “China lighting a fire against India lighting a fire”.

The accompanying hashtag noted that COVID-19 cases in India had exceeded 400,000 per day. The “joke” was horrible. Indeed, the post was ultimately deleted after an international outcry.

But what grotesque jerk would think of going public with such garbage in the first place? Especially since the virus which has already claimed more than 218,000 lives in India – and overwhelmed its hospitals, morgues and crematoriums – started in China.

No damage control can take it back. Chinese leaders see India as an enemy and have tested the unofficial border: skirmishes across the real line of control killed 20 Indian soldiers last year.

Families seek oxygen for loved ones and despair that they cannot provide appropriate funeral rites for the deceased, thanks to a virus that may have escaped from a Chinese biological weapons laboratory. And the Chinese Communist Party uses it as an excuse to boast about its military might and make fun of its rival.

The worst joke here is that the CCP is still in power.


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