China Warns Australia “Too Weak” To Stay Outside Taiwan Or Be One Of “First To Be Affected” | World

China Warns Australia “Too Weak” To Stay Outside Taiwan Or Be One Of “First To Be Affected” | World

Beijing Communist Party spokesman Global Times criticized the country with a warning not to interfere with its affairs in Taiwan, otherwise they would be “among the first to be affected.” The warning follows the completion of a joint military exercise in the South China Sea that saw Australia involved in friendly war games exercises with Japan, the United States and France.

In a scathing article, Global Times said, “The People’s Liberation Army doesn’t even need to make sharp responses to the joint exercise because it is militarily insignificant.
“The Australian military is too weak to be a worthy adversary of China, and if it dares to interfere in a military conflict, for example in the Taiwan Strait, its forces will be among the first to be affected.”

ARC21 war games exercises held in the South China Sea focused on air defense, amphibious assaults, and urban warfare.

The exercise follows a series of comments from Australian Senator Jim Molan, who proposed that Australia may be able to deter China from further acts of aggression by deploying “significant forces in the region.”

Senator Molan made the comments after predicting that China could invade Taiwan “sooner or later.”
Global Times continued, “Australia must not think that it can hide from China if it provokes.

“Australia is within range of the DF-26 intermediate-range ballistic missile equipped with a conventional warhead.”

Tensions between Beijing and Canberra have escalated over the past year, as China has introduced nearly $ 20 billion in tariffs as well as export bans against Australia.

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China has claimed more than 90% of the South China Sea as its own territory.


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