Chile elects left-wing assembly to replace dictatorship-era constitution – fr

Chile elects left-wing assembly to replace dictatorship-era constitution – fr

Chilean voters elected a special left-wing assembly to draft a new constitution, which should pave the way for a significant increase in social spending and the role of the state in the economy while weakening the country’s free market model.
The result of the vote, which the election agency concluded on Monday, dealt a blow to the traditional centrist political parties that have ruled Chile since its return to democracy 30 years ago, including the conservative coalition of President Sebastian Piñera.
The Chilean stock market opened on Monday down nearly 10% as the peso weakened about 2% against the dollar amid investor concerns over earnings.
Mr Piñera’s Let’s Go Chile group won 37 seats in the 155-member assembly, surprising political analysts as it failed to secure at least a third of the delegates needed to have a veto over the new ones. articles of the constitution. In total, around 70% of the seats in the assembly went to leftist groups and independent delegates, most of whom are anti-party leftists.
“This is not just a punishment for the right, but for the entire political class,” said Claudia Heiss, a political scientist at the University of Chile. “It’s a vote that says we don’t want more of the same, we want new political players. It is a vote that calls for a profound change. ”


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