Childish Gambino sued for plagiarism for “This Is America” – fr

Childish Gambino sued for plagiarism for “This Is America” – fr

Donald Glover / Childish Gambino

Donald Glover / Childish Gambino
photo: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images pour LACMA

It’s been almost exactly three years from Donald Glover (as Childish Gambino) published “This is America,” his exploration of trap music, gun violence, and America’s festering relationship with its long, bloody, Grammy-winning racial history. To celebrate this milestone in the life of one of the most important songs of his career to date, the rapper did what each of us could do on such an august occasion: was sued for plagiarism by another musician , asserting he scammed him.

It is by Pitchfork, who notes in passing that the claims made this week by rapper Kidd Wes, alleging that its 2016 song “Made in America »Served as l’inspiration pour «This Is America», aren’t the first time Glover’s single was accused of raising signals from another song. (In the past, the song has been noted to share a number of elements with Jase Harley’s “American Pharoah”, although Glover director Fam Rothstein has denied the accusations, and stated that the song was in development long before the release of “American Pharoah”.)

Here at present, Kidd Wes (birth name Emelike Wesley Nwosuocha) is suing not only Glover but also, to quote Pitchfork, « co-writer Young Thug, producer Lüdwig Goransson, Kobalt Music, RCA Records, Sony Music Entertainment, Young Stoner Life Publishing LLC, 300 Entertainment, Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, Roc Nation, Universal Music Publishing Group and Warner Chappell Music. In the lawsuit, Kidd Wes and his attorneys claim, “the substantial similarities between the two songs include, but are not limited to, almost identical unique rhythmic, lyrical and thematic compositional and interpretive content contained within the choir sections – or “hook” – which are the centerpieces of the songs. two songs.

Which one: yesor can Listen at both yourself and see if you think these statements Piste. (Certainly there are similar stylistic and lyrical styles elements, but we don’t have the right to say what might happen if this thing ever goes before a judge, and he never goes before a judge.) We will say Kidd song Wes is not doing very well going live comparison with Glover, what might help explain why that we had the Grammy (rather, several Grammys) and the other, well, not, Nevertheless surface similarities.


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