‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Video Brings $ 760,000 at NFT Auction – fr

‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Video Brings $ 760,000 at NFT Auction – fr

San Francisco (AFP)

Another classic piece of internet culture has been auctioned off for six figures, the latest viral sensation of the 2000s to be delighted by digital collectors of “non-fungible tokens” or NFTs.

The personal video “Charlie Bit My Finger” sold for nearly $ 761,000 on Sunday, the 14th anniversary of its debut.

In the 55-second YouTube clip from 2007, a British child named Harry holds his baby brother Charlie. But the adorable domestic scene takes a sudden turn when Harry puts his index finger in his brother’s mouth, and to his surprise, Charlie squeezes, spawning the heavily memorized lines: “ouch, Charlie” and “Charlie, that really feels good. wrong “.

With over 883 million views, it is one of the most popular videos on YouTube, although it will soon be removed from the platform. The Davies-Carr family announced they would remove it after Sunday’s auction, claiming that the highest bidder would become “the sole owner of this adorable piece of internet history”, though they did. sure been copied, shared and reposted many times across the web.

The auction attracted bids from 11 accounts and sparked a bidding war between users “mememaster” and “3fmusic”, the latter ultimately winning with a bid of $ 760,999.

NFT collectibles, essentially digital assets with a certificate of authenticity created by the blockchain, have exploded in popularity over the past year.

While the idea of ​​buying something endlessly repeatable may confuse some, a manic appetite for NFTs has taken hold in markets around the world as buyers vie for the bragging rights of a certified original.

Early internet memorabilia, including memes, GIFs, photos, and videos, performed particularly well.

In March, Twitter boss Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet, from 2006, which reads, “I’m just setting up my twttr,” for $ 2.9 million to a based businessman. in Malaysia.

An anonymous buyer grabbed Nyan Cat, a 10-year-old animation of a flying rainbow cat with a poptart body, for $ 590,000 the previous month.

And ‘Disaster Girl,’ a 16-year-old photo of a slyly smiling toddler with a house on fire in the background, was purchased by a Dubai-based music studio for 180 Euthereum last month, the equivalent to nearly $ 500,000 at the time.


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