Charles “furious” that “sinister” lies in Diana’s interview took 27 years to be corrected – fr

Charles “furious” that “sinister” lies in Diana’s interview took 27 years to be corrected – fr

Prince Charles is said to be furious that the “sinister lies” in Panorama’s interview with Princess Diana took nearly three decades to finally be publicly corrected.
The BBC wrote to the Prince of Wales apologizing for Martin Bashir’s “deceptive” tactics to secure the interview and agreed to never show it again, according to reports.

Lord Dyson concluded that Bashir used a series of underhanded tactics to secure an interview with the Princess of Wales.

Bashir still denies using deception and has apologized to Princes William and Harry, insisting that he “loved” their late mother.

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Diana, Princess of Wales, during her interview with Martin Bashir for the BBC

A friend of the Prince of Wales told The Sun: “The story of this interview about Charles needs to be changed.

“He is privately enraged that it has taken 27 years. The interview and the allegations caused long-term damage to the future king and his house.

Princess Diana – the prince’s ex-wife – sadly told Bashir “there were three of us in the marriage” during the shoot.

The former Panorama host claims her explosive interview with Princess Diana didn’t hurt her and that she was never unhappy with it.

He also responded to William’s claims that the interview fueled his mother’s isolation and paranoia.

Martin Bashir with the BAFTA award he won for his interview with the Princess of Wales

Bashir told The Sunday Times he was “deeply sorry” for William and Harry, adding: “I never meant to harm Diana in any way and I don’t think we did.

“Everything we did in terms of the interview was as she wanted it to be, from the moment she wanted to alert the palace, to the time of its airing, to its content… My family and I loved it.

But now the current BBC chief executive Tim Davie has sent a letter to Prince Charles saying the company has apologized for Bashir’s ‘sinister and false claims’ about the prince, his staff. and other members of the royal family.

The letter states that the BBC accepts that Bashir made statements “with the intention of playing on the fears of the princess, in order to arouse his interest in him, and regardless of the impact on those he slanders” .

Charles is not going to react publicly, a friend said. His two sons – Prince William and Prince Harry – have already spoken publicly about the results of the investigation.

The Duke of Cambridge said there was no doubt that the journalist’s network of deception “significantly influenced” what his mother said and “was a major contribution to worsening my parents’ relationship.”

Prince Harry also posted saying: “Our mother was an amazing woman who dedicated her life to service. She was resilient, courageous and unquestionably honest. The ripple effect of a culture of exploitation and unethical practices ultimately cost him his life. “

Bashir’s interview with Princess Diana in 1995 came weeks before it was revealed that she and Charles were going to divorce.

Lord Dyson’s report concluded that the BBC knowingly “covered up” what it later learned about his behavior.

The BBC has vowed never to show the full program again, but it is understood Prince Charles, 72, is angered that clips are shown in the BBC reports.


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