Chameleon est Wiz Khalifa, star du rap – fr

Chameleon est Wiz Khalifa, star du rap – fr

The Chameleon hit his way into the quarterfinals of “The Masked Singer” on May 12 with his exhilarating version of “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” on the Week 8 episode. He convinced the judges (Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke) on May 5 with his searing performance of this song made famous by Busta Rhymes, who appeared in season 4 of the show as Dragon. While the Dragon was ousted in its first appearance, the Chameleon could go all the way and win Season 5.

We have been convinced of the chameleon’s true identity since he debuted in week 1 singing “Ride Wit Me” from Nelly. We came back and took another look at this performance as well as its others on the series to date: “21 Questions” by 50 centimes with Nate Dogg (Week 4); “Hip Hop” by Dead Prez (Week 5); and “regulate” by Warren G with Nate Dogg (week 7). And we’ve reviewed all of his clue videos.

Adding it all up, we still like our answer to the chameleon’s real name question. We think the panel hit some trivial notes with their assumptions of Snoop Dogg, G-Eazy, Flamme Waka Flocka,Kyrie Irving, Kelly machine gun and Young game.g. Read on if you want to know as we have all of the “The Masked Singer” spoilers, including the Chameleon’s name.

The chameleon is a rapper Wiz Khalifa. To disagree? Read our reasoning and find out how well Wiz’s bio fits in with the clues.

Busta and Wiz worked together on the hit “Different Cloth” in 2012. While this track sold well, it didn’t reach the heights of some of Wiz’s other records. It features eight of nine multi-platinum singles from this season’s contestants on “The Masked Singer.”

One of them came for his job with Charlie Puth on “See You Again” in 2016. This collaboration has sold 11 million copies and has achieved certified diamond status by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Returning to Week 2, the Cluedle-Doo hinted at Chameleon’s connection to the gems.

In week 7, Cluedle-Doo told Chameleon he wanted him to win at the Golden Globes. “See You Again,” which featured in “Fast & Furious 7,” was nominated for Best Original Song. It also garnered three Grammy nominations, bringing Wiz’s total nominations for highest musical accolade to 10; as a group, this season’s “The Masked Singer” contestants won 26 nominations.

Wiz racked up album sales that earned him three platinum records and two gold records. As a group, this season’s contestants have 25 gold and platinum records.

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Khalifa’s collection of documents is the basis of many clues. In week 2, numbers 2 and 3 were shown on dice hanging from a motorcycle; Khalifa achieved great success in 2013 when he recorded “23” with Miley Cyrus and Juicy j. And this photo from number 7 reminded us of Wiz’s 2014 song “James Bong,” who rejoiced with the fictional spy James Bond, aka “007.” The French word “bonjour” from week 4 refers to “French Inhale”, his 2011 collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Mike Posner. And when the chameleon said he was proud to show off his ‘true colors’, we thought of his 2014 pairing with Nicki Minaj on a song with that title.

The clues also fit into Wiz’s life story in many ways. In the second week we read the word “Camoflag” on the license plate in reference to Khalifa’s father, who served in the military for years. Chameleon revealed that his “pops taught him to keep up with the beat” while Wiz credits his father’s advice for his success. In week 4, Chameleon spoke fondly of losing a special someone in her life who had raised her until she finally learned to embrace what made her unique. Wiz’s sister, Lala, was transgender and passed away in 2017. That same week there was a photo of peaches; her mother Katie bears the nickname Peachie.

Wiz’s hometown of Pittsburgh was featured on the show three times. During week 2 with a sign saying “Watch out for the pit”; at week 4 with the graduation cap in the colors of the University of Pittsburgh (he sang on his return from college in 2019); and at week 5 with a photo of hot wings.

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In week 2, Chameleon revealed that when his singing career stalled, he turned to his tech skills to change the game; Wiz has created one of the best-selling phone apps of all time, “Weed Farm”.

And in his Week 5 Clue Pack, the Chameleon revealed his love of martial arts. Khalifa is an expert in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Thai boxing.

We won’t know if we’re right that Chameleon is Wiz Khalifa until he loses a vote or wins the show. Do you think we’ve guessed Chameleon’s true identity? Sound off in the comments section with your best guesses.

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