Celebrate Star Wars Day with These Discounts on Switch eShop – fr

Celebrate Star Wars Day with These Discounts on Switch eShop – fr

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Pinball video games suck when they put a fully realistic table on the screen at the same time. The screen is cluttered and gives you a slanted perspective that feels like a silly compromise. It’s like playing 22-player football on an 11-player pitch. Star Wars Pinball moves the camera up and down, but this perspective is not ideal – the camera needs to be up and down, like in A Link to the Past. The way to put an entire table on the screen at once is to customize the table for a video game experience, like Midnight Magic on the Atari 2600. This is a good compromise, and the camera perspective is the best. best possible.

Compare the mediocre Star Wars pinball machine to Devil’s Crush and Alien Crush on the TurboGrafx-16; the latter two show you half the table at a time, but do a great job of transitioning. You actually have a good first-hand view of what’s going on in these games.

But by far the best pinball video game is Metroid Pinball for the DS. You have the whole pinball table visible at once, but without compromise, as the DS and 3DS have two screens, one on top of the other. It puzzles me that only one developer had the ingenious idea of ​​making a pinball game for the DS, and no one made one for the 3DS. If you play Metroid Pinball on a 3DS XL, you would agree that it is the best pinball experience in video games.


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