Catastrophic collapse in third period but ends Edmonton Oilers season – fr

Catastrophic collapse in third period but ends Edmonton Oilers season – fr

It was finished. Match 3 was already won. The series was 2-1. The Oilers were dominant. The message has been sent. The series was back. It was finished

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We have all seen it. Every agonizing second. We watched the reruns, listened to the interviews and dissected the analysis of the experts.

But anyone who witnessed the wreckage of an idling Edmonton Oilers car in Winnipeg on Sunday still has no idea what happened.

It was finished. They had already won Game 3. They reduced the deficit to 2-1. The message has been sent. The series was back. The Oilers looked great.

Then, inexplicably, out of nowhere in a game they’d led for 50 minutes, the Oilers spat it all out in a humiliating and mind-boggling catastrophic implosion that virtually ended their season.

A 4-1 lead with less than 10 minutes to go in the third period blew up in their face like one of those dye packs that banks use to catch dumb thieves.

“Winning is tough and there are painful lessons you have to learn to win,” said head coach Dave Tippett, after the Winnipeg Jets came back to win 5-4 in overtime, taking a take to the death 3-0 on the series and leaving the Oilers to write another playoff tragedy to accompany the bubble exit last year.


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“Tonight we learned some hard lessons about what not to do to win the playoffs. We did enough good things in this game to win, but we gave it a game.

“It’s disappointing because we haven’t been this team all year, we did a good job to close things off. It’s disappointing that we did some of the things that we did tonight. We will now see how we react.

What happened?

“I don’t know,” said Leon Draisaitl, unable to put words to that night. “Errors. Maybe we panicked a bit. Just collective and individual mistakes, I think.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins also had the thousand-yard look as he was tired of dealing with a mind-boggling turn of events that started the end of the season in Edmonton.

“Not much to say. We kinda shot ourselves in the foot. They had a push and we didn’t respond well enough. He did not fail to try for us. We fought hard, but we did not succeed. It’s hard to take right now.

It was also difficult to watch.

Led 2-0 in the series after two narrow losses, the Oilers were playing for their lives and it showed. They roared for the first period, edging Winnipeg 17-7 and taking a 2-0 lead thanks to a pair of goals from Draisaitl at 6:33 and 9:10.

They were leading 3-1 after 40 minutes after Zack Kassian converted a three-on-two and when Jujhar Khaira scored at 4:43 of the third period to make it 4-1, the Oilers were free and clear.

McDavid and Draisaitl had six points, Mike Smith was fantastic at net. They were sailing. Game over. The momentum was theirs.


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Then, in a scene reminiscent of their Game 5 collapse of 2017 against the Anaheim Ducks, when they gave up three goals in the 3:16 final before losing in overtime, the Oilers orchestrated one of the most epics in franchise history.

Mathieu Perreault scored on a power play at 11:43 to make it 4-2.

Nothing to fear. The Oilers got it.

Blake Wheeler scored at 2:28 pm to make it 4-3.

Hmm, it’s getting serious.

Josh Morrisey scored at 2:44 pm to make it 4-4.


Three goals in 3:03.

Any hope that they would regroup in the locker room and sort things out in overtime was put to rest when Nik Ehlers plunged a dagger into the hearts of the entire Oilers organization with
with his second goal of the evening at 9:13.


“A lot of things are wrong, I guess,” McDavid sighed. “We’re in a good position, up 4-1, they’re going on the power play, we can’t kill. We kind of gave them a lifeline and they took advantage of it.

The penalty was Josh Archibald for tripping at 11:11 while attempting to knock down Logan Stanley. He provided the foot in the door that Winnipeg needed.

“Archibald’s penalty was a huge turning point in the game,” Tippett said. “It was a bad punishment to take it and bring them to life.”

But to put everything on Archibald’s plate is to let everyone fend for their part in this epic masterpiece.

“There were eight minutes left, we were still two ahead,” Nugent-Hopkins said. “We had the opportunity. We did not do it.

Where are they going from here? Down 3-0 after one of the most crushing defeats we’ve seen in a long time? How do you get over it?


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“It’s obviously unfortunate,” McDavid said. “We’ve dug a really big hole, but we’re not going to turn around and play dead. We have to find a way to get a victory on Monday and go from there. “

It’s hard to imagine that this series is not over, but the series must continue. Game 4 takes place Monday evening.

“The easiest thing would be to turn around and say this one is over, it’s the easiest thing to do,” said Darnell Nurse.

“This is not the approach we are going to take. When you are back to the wall like we are right now, it doesn’t feel good, but we still have the ability to control our destiny.

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