Cases of Covid Variants Rise in Florida After Spring Break – fr

Cases of Covid Variants Rise in Florida After Spring Break – fr

Different cases of Covid-19 have increased in Florida since spring break vacationers poured into the state.
South Florida’s Sentinel of the Sun reports that more than 11,000 infections involving variants of the coronavirus have been reported statewide based on data from the Florida Department of Health.

While the health department does not release variant cases, data shared with local ABC affiliate WFTV shows 753 variant cases from just three strains on March 14.

That number rose to 5,177 on April 15 and 9,248 on April 27, ABC News reports. On May 5, the number exceeded 11,800 according to the Sentinel.

According to the newspaper’s reports, 243 people were hospitalized with variants and 67 people died.

Since only less than 1% of cases are studied for mutations, it is assumed that they circulate in the larger population at a much higher rate.

Florida now has more variant cases than any other state, and the moment of the surge comes when students and other Americans tired from the pandemic have taken to beaches and theme parks across the state to to make a break.

The data was revealed after The sentinels of Orlando the state health department sued for a breakdown of variant cases.

A judge ruled the data was vital “to understanding how the virus continues to spread and affect Floridians.”

The most prevalent variant in the state is B.1.1.7, which appeared in the UK in December. There are also reports of the South African and Brazilian variants of the state.

While overall coronavirus cases in the state tend to decline, after dropping below a 5% positivity rate, medical officials are stressing the importance of getting the vaccine. They are particularly concerned about the spread of variants in denser urban areas.

Since the start of the pandemic, 2.26 cases of Covid-19 have been reported in the state and 35,699 officially recorded deaths.


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