Carlo Ancelotti sends ‘unhappy’ Everton transfer message to Moise Kean – fr

Carlo Ancelotti sends ‘unhappy’ Everton transfer message to Moise Kean – fr

Carlo Ancelotti has no interest in keeping disgruntled players at Everton – including Moise Kean.
Kean posted on social media earlier this week, strongly hinting at his desire to return to Paris Saint Germain next season.

The 21-year-old forward spent the season on loan with the French giants and impressed with 16 goals in 39 appearances.

PSG have made no secret of their hopes of keeping Kean and on Monday the young striker said: “I hope to see you again next season” in a message thanking the club.

Kean still has three years to fulfill the contract he signed in 2019, but Ancelotti has made it clear he doesn’t want to keep disgruntled players at Goodison.

And the boss of Everton has, once again, thrown the glove at PSG to present a suitable offer to the Italian international.

When asked if he would be willing to keep Kean, even if the striker was unhappy, Ancelotti replied, “No, no, absolutely not.”

“If he wants to stay at Paris Saint Germain, the only way is to find an agreement with Paris Saint Germain.

“I don’t want to have players here who are unhappy and if there are players who are not happy to stay here they can ask to leave and there is no problem. I want to have players who are happy and who want to stay at Everton and feel part of this project. ”

Richarlison’s future has been the source of much speculation since Ancelotti joined the club, and in March the Blues boss ended any doubts about the Brazilian by saying: “I don’t know for how long. his contract is, honestly, but Richarlison he will stay here as long as I stay, that’s for sure. ”

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Still, Ancelotti said today that any disgruntled player can leave the club this summer and he “recently” passed this message on to his team.

“All players [who are unhappy], ” he said.

“I can’t force any player to stay here.

“But I told them. If someone is not happy to stay here, they have to leave because we need, like I said, players who want to be a part of this project. A disgruntled player will not be a good part of this project. . ”

He added: “This is not a new thought, I used to tell players that if you are not comfortable here or not happy you have to chat with the club and we find a solution. But if you stay here you have to be happy of course. ”


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