Capitol Police Condemned by US States for Failed January Attacks, Email Says

Capitol Police Condemned by US States for Failed January Attacks, Email Says

A January meeting of mayors and police chiefs of major US cities criticized “the failure of Capitol Hill police leadership and failure to plan” in the face of the right-wing insurgency in Washington on January 6, emails say reviewed by the Guardian.

The revelations were contained in an email sent by a senior Washington State Police official. Additional emails from local, state and federal agencies sent in January show that following the attack, Washington state authorities have paid increased attention to far-right groups such as QAnon affiliates. , the Three Percenters and Joey Gibson, the founder of the Vancouver-based company. Patriot Prayer street protest group.

The emails, provided to The Guardian by transparency nonprofit Property of the People, show how the events of the Capitol Attack caused a stir in the United States and how state agencies across the country are responding. are endeavoring to monitor local far-right activists, track down. locals wanted for their role in the insurgency and protected their own state capitals from groups that openly planned to rape them.

The first email was sent to police department officers in towns in Snohomish County, north of Seattle, by Ryan Dalberg, the police lieutenant in Everett, Washington.

The email summarized a “US conference of major city mayors / police chiefs to discuss the riot at the US Capitol” and “the potential for ongoing civil unrest related to the election outcome and the upcoming presidential inauguration,” according to email, Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman was present.

Following the comment on ‘leadership failure’, Dalberg added: ‘Much of the information about the number of participants and the potential for violence was available through open-source information, and for some reason, the police in the The United States Capitol did not appear to be fully prepared for what they encountered.

Dalberg added that participants linked the events of January 6 “to domestic terrorism, in that it is both real and perceived grievances that lead people and groups to take violent and extreme action.”

The People’s Executive Director Ryan Shapiro said: “The intelligence was there, from the agencies and out in the open. Despite numerous warnings, the leaders of the US Capitol Police have failed to defend democracy. The question is why.

The Everett Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Other emails show that even before the attack on Capitol Hill, analysts at the Washington State Fusion Center were closely monitoring far-right groups and their plans to occupy the state capital, Olympia.

On December 28, Alexandria Forbush, intelligence analyst at the Fusion Center, emailed Stefan Pentcholov, a detective from the University of Washington Police Department currently on secondment to the Joint Terrorism Task Force based at the FBI field office. in Seattle.

In the email, which she then forwarded to Washington State Fusion Center director Curt Boyle, Forbush warns that “Washington 3 Percenters sent an email calling for action to the Legislative Building in Olympia when the session begins January 11 ”.

The plan described in the email was to “clutter up all the entrances to the building and access the gallery when people come in or out of the building following them.” In addition, they said they “will do everything possible to get into the building – in accordance with the constitution.” For each person who makes their way through our gloved entrances, we will try to accompany them inside.

Further signs of concern in the wake of the Capitol Riot came in the form of an email sent by Pentcholov, the JTTF officer, to Sgt Debra Winsor, who heads Washington’s Critical Infrastructure Section. State Fusion Center, reporting on a February 23 conference. at the University of Washington by Joey Gibson.

Gibson, the founder of Patriot Prayer, was the organizer of a long series of confrontational pro-Trump protests in Portland, Oregon, between 2017 and 2020. Many protests turned violent and some escalated into riots.

In the email, Pentcholov advises that “the same setup applies – indoor room, 100% ID and gun control, etc.”, adding that “local antifa regulars are also aware of the rescheduled event. There is unconfirmed information that 3% of Washington will also participate. “


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