Capitals’ Tom Wilson responds to criticism after Rangers fallout – fr

Capitals’ Tom Wilson responds to criticism after Rangers fallout – fr

The dust has finally settled after a week that saw the rivalry between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers reach new heights Monday night thanks to Tom Wilson’s role in a post-whistle skirmish.
“It seemed like a pretty routine hockey scrum to me,” Wilson said Friday during a video call with reporters.

Wilson was fined up to $ 5,000 on Tuesday for abusing Pavel Buchnevich, but escaped a fine or suspension for aggressively throwing Artemi Panarin, whose helmet had been knocked over, onto the ice.

Rangers confirmed Panarin would miss the remainder of the regular season as a result of the incident and it led to a rocky start to the rematch at Madison Square Garden which took place two nights later.

The two teams combined for six major fights and 72 total penalty minutes in the opening five minutes of the first period. Wilson took his fourth major of the season and left the game with an upper body injury.

Wilson has a long history of extra discipline to play on the edge and often cross the line, so it was no surprise that some hockey fans and members of the media sprayed social media vitriol on social media.

“Obviously it’s been a crazy couple of days,” Wilson said. “The good thing about social media is that you are able to shut it down, go about your life, worry about playing hockey, and worrying about what’s going on in that (locker room).”

Wilson said he would never have imagined that particular melee eliciting the reaction it ultimately elicited.

From Wilson’s perspective: “Their guy goes to our net and kicks our goalie and goes there with his stick and at a young age in hockey you are taught how to defend your goalie, that’s what I was doing. And from there you have guys jumping on your back. I think anybody’s first reaction would be to try to throw them away and drop them on the ice. That’s what I thought at the time. Obviously these scrums are chaotic and there’s a lot going on but I didn’t think too much about it at the time.

The Rangers were fined $ 250,000 for a public statement criticizing Player Safety Department chief George Parros and the decision not to suspend Wilson.

New York had its power play unit, mostly skillful players, on the ice at the time of the scrum.

“I didn’t want to drop my gloves,” Wilson explained. “It wasn’t really an option because of who they had there so I tried to fight the guy. It was a crazy moment but one that is not uncommon in a hockey game. This stuff happens. We’ve seen it in games since (Monday) and I’m trying to move on. I’m glad Panarin is doing well.

Wilson said he contacted Panarin after the game via text message to check in on the Rangers forward.

Buchnevich ended up receiving a one-game suspension for Capitals forward Anthony Mantha in Wednesday’s game which indirectly led to further criticism of Wilson online.

“Nothing I say now is going to change anyone’s opinion,” Wilson said. “They’ve already made this up and I just have to keep moving forward.”


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