Canadian politician William Amos filmed urinating during virtual parliamentary session –

Canadian politician William Amos filmed urinating during virtual parliamentary session – fr

William Amos said the incident happened on Wednesday when he “attended House of Commons proceedings in virtually a non-public setting.”

Amos is a Member of Parliament (MP) for Pontiac, Quebec, for the ruling Liberal Party in Canada.

“I urinated without realizing I was in front of the camera,” he said in a statement posted on Twitter, adding that he was “deeply embarrassed” by his actions.

“Although accidental and not visible to the public, this was totally unacceptable, and I apologize wholeheartedly,” Amos said.

This is the politician’s second on-camera embarrassment in a matter of weeks.
On April 14, he was spotted undressed during a parliamentary video call. A screenshot of the call has been circulated widely online.

His colleague, MP Claude DeBellefeuille, from the Bloc Québécois party, underlined the presence of Amos at the time.

“We saw a member in question period poorly dressed. That is to say undressed. So maybe remind MPs, especially male MPs, that suits and ties are appropriate, ”DeBellefeuille said in French, according to the parliamentary translator.

Amos apologized at the time and called the April incident a “truly unfortunate misconduct” which occurred while changing into work clothes after jogging.

Wednesday’s incident pushed him to go further. Amos is a legislator who is also Parliamentary Secretary to the Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

“I am going to temporarily step down from my role as parliamentary secretary and my committee duties so that I can ask for help,” Amos said.

He added that he would continue to exercise the functions of deputy.

The politician was previously an environmental lawyer and was first elected MP for Pontiac in 2015.


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