Canada’s Einarson beats Italy 10-4 to maintain World Curling playoff hopes – fr

Canada’s Einarson beats Italy 10-4 to maintain World Curling playoff hopes – fr

CALGARY – Canada’s Kerri Einarson reduced her world championship women’s curling deficit with a second straight win on Tuesday in Calgary.
The host nation beat Italy 10-4 to reach a record 3-5, but Einarson’s quartet still face a tough climb to be among the six teams that will advance to the qualifying round on Friday.

“We’re definitely not giving up,” said the Canadian captain.

Canada beat South Korea and Italy after opening the championship 1-5.

A Canadian comeback will be attended by a few. TV and streaming shows remain on hold until at least Thursday as seven team members tested positive for COVID-19.

So Canada’s important game against Scotland (4-2) went off the air Tuesday night.

With no spectators or production staff in the building, the Markin MacPhail Center was even more like a library to Canadians.

“It’s even quieter now,” Einarson said. “You don’t have these extra people around. We miss them. We hope they will come back. “

Russia topped the standings with 7-0. Sweden handed Switzerland a first loss to put the two countries at 6-1.

China and Scotland (4-2), the United States (4-3), Germany (3-4) rank above Canada, which is tied with South Korea for eighth to 3-5.

The Czech Republic, Denmark and Japan were tied 2-4 ahead of Estonia (1-6) and Italy (1-7).

The top six teams in the world championship also qualify their country in women’s curling for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing.

The rest of the Olympic field will be determined by an international qualifying tournament in December, which would be an embarrassing prospect for Curling Canada given that the Olympic trials will be held in Saskatoon in November.

Broadcasts were suspended on Sunday when four television staff tested positive, and that number rose to seven on Monday.

The rest of the broadcast team continued to test negative, but matches will be suspended until Thursday morning to allow further testing, the World Curling Federation said.

“Confirmation of this latest round of results, and further work on contact tracing, allows the dissemination team and medical managers to move to the next stage in discussions around a managed return to competition with a suitable TV production setup, ”WCF said. in a statement Tuesday.

“Affected individuals who have already shown positive results will remain isolated and will continue to be medically managed by the competition’s medical officials with guidance from Alberta Health. “

The women’s world championship was moved from Switzerland in March to Calgary in May because Swiss health authorities refused to support the tournament in the face of a global pandemic.

The Women’s Championship is the seventh and final curling event held with zero spectators and in a controlled environment in Calgary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Broadcast staff are not housed in the same hotel as the teams.

However, two German players remain in quarantine because they tested positive before the start of the tournament. WCF gave Daniele Jentsch an exemption to compete with a three-man squad.

Last month’s men’s championship was halted last weekend due to four positive COVID tests. The event reached the finish line when it was determined to be “false positives”.

The mixed doubles world championship in Aberdeen, Scotland, where Einarson and Brad Gushue will represent Canada, will take place May 17-23.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on May 4, 2021.


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