Canada routs Italy for second straight win at Women’s World Championships – fr

Canada routs Italy for second straight win at Women’s World Championships – fr

Canada improved its record to 3-5 at the LGT World Women’s Curling Championship after a 10-4 rout to the final Italian (1-7), led by 22-year-old captain Stefania Constantini.
Later tonight, Canada will face Scottish team Eve Muirhead.

Canada finally ended their four-game losing streak Monday afternoon against South Korea’s Kim Eun-jung to avoid a sixth loss that was too many to advance to the playoffs at the Men’s World Curling Championship last month.

Finishing outside the top six means Canada will have to compete in a last-ditch qualifier in the fall to secure a spot in women’s curling at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, China.

Due to more COVID-19 cases on the broadcast team, Team Canada games will not be televised until Thursday afternoon at the earliest.

Canada 10 vs Italie 4


10th end

Not played. Game ended after nine o’clock.

Ninth end

Disaster for Italy on their last blow. Instead of making the hit for two, their stone curls and peels off to give a flight of three. Handshakes.

Eighth end

Virgin. Italy continue to score three points.

Seventh ending

Italy opted to draw rather than attempt the hit with their last, but left it open enough for Canada to make the draw and score two important points. They lead 7-4 after seven innings.

Sixth end

Italy missed an opportunity to level the game and record a brace after their withdrawal stalled in their last game. 5-4 Canada is heading for the seventh.

Fifth end

Leaning against a pair of Italian shooting stones in the 12-footer, Einarson slips his last rock to grab a piece of a button and collects a single point. Canada leads 5-3 at the break of the game which they really can’t afford to lose.

Fourth end

Canada collapsed on a guard with their last shot at the end, allowing Italy to take a free kick for two and shoot one point after four ends. Canada recovers the hammer.

Third end

After putting pressure on the Italy squad throughout the end, Constantini’s last stone rolls up and unrolls to give Canada a steal of one. Team Einarson holds a three-point lead after three innings.

Second end

Italian captain Stefania Constantini threw up a free kick with her last throw of the end, allowing Einarson to execute an open draw to score three. Canada leads 3-1 after two ends.

First end

Kerri Einarson and Team Canada forced the Italians on a hit to score a single run in the first end. Team Canada gets hammered for the first time.


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