Canada defeats Denmark for fifth straight win at LGT World Women’s Curling Championship – fr

Canada’s Einarson beats Italy 10-4 to maintain World Curling playoff hopes – fr

Canadian team Kerri Einarson improved to 6-5 after beating Denmark 10-8 for their fifth straight win at the LGT Women’s World Curling Championship.
After starting slowly with a 1-5 record, the Canadiens are back in the field, maintaining sixth and final place in the playoffs. Team Einarson is scheduled to compete in the World Women’s Curling Championship playoffs to qualify Canada directly for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, China.

Canada has two more games against Japan and China on its schedule.

Due to several cases of COVID-19 within the broadcast team, games will not be televised until Friday afternoon at the earliest. Therefore, follow the action from start to finish with’s LIVE curling blog.

Canada 10 vs Danemark 8

Final (after ten ends)

Tenth ending

Canada wins 10-8 and goes to 6-5.

Ninth end

Denmark’s stone doesn’t curl up enough, so it’s another steal for Canada to take a 10-8 lead before the 10th end.

Eighth end

Kerri Einarson with the increased angle scores two points for Canada to take a 9-8 lead after eight ends.

Seventh ending

Denmark enters the 8-footer for the doubles and takes an 8-7 lead over Canada.

Sixth end

Denmark empty and the score remains 7-6 for Canada.

Fifth end

Denmark are trying to pick the Canadian stone and double the top 12 and top 4 in rock. Canada steals one to take a 7-6 lead.

Fourth end

Canada’s forward sweeps to pick up the single to tie 6-6.

Third end

Denmark drew three to take a 6-5 lead over Canada.

Second end

Once Denmark tries to go through the port and supercools, it’s good for five for Canada.

First end

Denmark cleans up the draw for three in the first end.


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