Can we still have our message forwarded to the UK from our second home in France? – fr

Can we still have our message forwarded to the UK from our second home in France? – fr

Reader’s Question: We used to divert our post from our French second home to the UK for six months a year. Can we still do this after Brexit?
Full Brexit since January 1 has affected several areas of life but luckily it is not one of them.

It is because La Poste international temporary reshipping the transfer service is not limited to EU countries.

The service is generally intended for the main French owners who will be away from their homes abroad for an extended period. However, La Poste customer service has confirmed to us that it is acceptable to be used by a non-resident to send mail from their French home to a home abroad.

We tested it by placing an order with a UK address on The Post website.

This was no problem and the price is standard for all international destinations: 95 € for one month to six months, or otherwise 47 € for 15 days to a month, or 155 € for six months to a year.

The Post says it can ship items weighing up to 2kg.

When ordering the service, you indicate the dates you want it to work and you must either order it in France – in which case you wait to receive a letter with a code to activate the contract – or ask someone else to pick up the letter for you and you forward it. Otherwise, contact La Poste customer service to activate it if you are outside France.

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