Campaigners call for a minimum price of alcohol in England –

Campaigners call for a minimum price of alcohol in England – fr

Campaigners have called for a minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol in England after research has shown it has been successful in reducing consumption in some of the most drinking households in Scotland and Wales.

A 50 pence unit price was introduced in Scotland in 2018 and a thorough investigation into purchases found the policy had a lasting impact over two years.

And a similar minimum unit price in Wales, introduced towards the start of the foreclosure last year, has also brought about a positive change, according to the study which surveyed 35,000 UK households.

Research conducted by the University of Newcastle and published in The Lancet Public Health has shown that the largest overall reductions have been seen in the purchase of ciders and spirits.

The impact was mostly seen in households that bought the most alcohol – with the exception of high-purchase, lower-income households, who did not change their habits despite the increase.

The research came amid fears of increased alcohol consumption across the UK during the lockdown.

Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, Chairman of the Alcohol Health Alliance, said: ‘Westminster has said time and again that it is waiting for evidence from Scotland and Wales on the minimum unit price – meanwhile 80 people a day die from alcohol-related illnesses. cause.

“The evidence is there – it is time for the government to introduce a minimum unit price in England in order to save lives, reduce crime and reduce the pressure on our NHS and emergency services. “

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Joanne Good, whose daughter Megan died in her sleep at the age of 16 after drinking strong white cider at a party, said: “Alcohol is too cheap and ends up in the hands too often. children.

“I fully support any measure that increases the price of cheap alcohol and helps young and vulnerable people.

“I know the impact that strong, cheap alcohol can have on people’s lives because it has devastated our own. “

North Tyneside’s mother said: “It is clear that the minimum unit price is having a positive impact in Scotland and Wales.

“We really need it here too, now more than ever, after a record year of alcohol-related deaths and a worrying number of people drinking more since the pandemic.

“MUP is targeting pocket money alcohol that causes the most damage and will not affect the price of alcohol in a pub. “

Joanne Good, whose daughter Megan died in her sleep aged 16 after drinking strong white cider at a party (PA)

Professor Peter Anderson of the University of Newcastle, who led the study, said: ‘Our previous work suggested that the introduction of an MUP in Scotland in May 2018 was associated with an immediate reduction in the amount of alcohol that households bought in stores or supermarkets.

“This latest analysis shows that the policy has continued to have an impact, with data showing a sustained decline in aggregate units of alcohol purchased by some of the highest-consuming households two years later.

“We can now see that the introduction of an MUP in Wales in early March 2020 had a similar impact to what we saw in Scotland in 2018.

“It will be interesting to see if this impact continues in Wales over the medium term, as it has in Scotland. “

Alison Douglas, chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, said the MUP is expected to increase to 65p.

She added: “This is extremely encouraging research from Newcastle University.

“Not only does MUP continue to have the desired effect of reducing overall alcohol consumption in Scotland, it is those who tend to buy the most alcohol who are most likely to reduce the amount they buy. ”


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