Cambridge family moves to Nova Scotia facing roadblocks due to pandemic restrictions – fr

Cambridge family moves to Nova Scotia facing roadblocks due to pandemic restrictions – fr

KITCHENER – A Cambridge family moving to Nova Scotia is denied entry to the province due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Jacqueline Herd, Ben Hellerschmed and their three children sold their home in Cambridge and bought a new home in Nova Scotia in February.

“In search of a better life for our children,” Herd said. “A great pressure for us was that the school system is open.”

The family must leave their home in Cambridge by May 25, but travel restrictions implemented by Nova Scotia do not allow them to enter the province.

21 avril [Nova Scotia] decided to close the borders to people buying and moving in Nova Scotia, ”Herd said.

Depending on the province, people from outside Nova Scotia can only apply for a compassionate exception to enter the province if they have purchased a home that shows an offer has been accepted by April 21 and the closing date is May 20 or earlier.

In a statement to CTV News, the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness said, “Unfortunately, people who do not meet the above criteria or who do not have an exception will be refused. . This rule is in effect at least until the end of May. This is a temporary measure, but it could be extended. We understand that this change in our border policy will disrupt people’s plans. However, there is a need to help Nova Scotia bring the situation under control and protect our people and our health care system.

The family’s closing date is May 25.

“It’s crazy,” said Adanya Hellershmed, Herd’s daughter.

They have requested the compassionate exception three times, but have not received a response from the government.

Scott Fairley, constitutional attorney at Cambridge LLP, said such restrictions could violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but all governments are taking action to try to contain COVID-19.

“Nova Scotia’s response is to try to deal with an unprecedented pandemic that our society has not experienced,” he said.

The family said they would like to see the province’s grandfather in all purchases regardless of the closing date.


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