Calgary Muslim Community Association pushes for change to end hate crimes –

Calgary Muslim Community Association pushes for change to end hate crimes – fr

CALGARY – Days after a Calgary man was arrested and charged with what police call a hate crime, a group of concerned citizens have come together to support the victim and call for behavior change in the city.

The Calgary Hussaini Association says it is “deeply saddened and upset” by the events that were reported in an alleged road rage incident in southwest Calgary on Wednesday.

The group claims that the behavior of the person involved in the incident is the result of a growing hatred towards members of the Islamic faith, which has increased in recent years.

“There is no doubt that the past year has been particularly difficult for all Canadians, but these acts of intolerance and injustice are taking an even greater toll on our community,” the association said in a statement. .

He also acknowledged the immediate reaction of the Calgary Police Department which ultimately led to the arrest and charge of a suspect, but called for more work to be done on this case and others like it. .

The Hussaini Association says it would like to see a full investigation into the “visible hate crime” to hold the suspect accountable for his actions so that the community can be protected.

Federal, provincial and municipal officials must also condemn such acts “intended to intimidate the Muslim community”.

He also called on other religious and community leaders to take a stand against all types of hatred.

“An attack on one is an attack on all,” he wrote.

On May 26, officials said Tamer Abu Hassira was driving the Bow Trail SW around 5:30 p.m., traveling at around 50 km / h in the posted 70 km / h zone.

While on the road, police said a driver of a Ford F-150 truck began to hound and honk at him, before driving around and stopping.

Once stopped, the driver of the truck then got out and approached Hassira’s car, shouting profanity at him and banging his window with his fist.

After the driver returned to his truck, police said Hassira tried to pull away, but the other driver got out again and continued to yell at him cursing, threats and derogatory comments.

Finally, the driver ripped a windshield wiper from the victim’s vehicle before returning to his truck and driving away.

Hassira recorded the entire incident on her phone and this footage was handed over to investigators.

Alex John Hudson, 27, is charged with motor vehicle mischief.

He is due in court on July 7.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted a response to the incident on Friday, calling it “despicable.”


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