Cadbury tells nation to stop buying its chocolate – and instead buy at Cocoa Amore in Leicester – fr

Cadbury tells nation to stop buying its chocolate – and instead buy at Cocoa Amore in Leicester – fr

It might seem a little strange for a business to tell its customers to stop buying its products – but that’s exactly what the Cadbury Chocolate Factory does.
After a very difficult year for the high street, Cadbury has partnered with six independent chocolate factories across the UK, including Cocoa Amore of Leicester, and is calling on the country to support its local chocolatiers rather than buying Cadbury chocolate.

Cadbury began as a one-stop shop on Bull Street in Birmingham in 1824. So when a chocolate factory in Birmingham a stone’s throw from the site of the original Cadbury store was forced to close its premises after 18 years of trading, the Cadbury team wanted help in a modest way.

The next time you crave a dairy bar, Cadbury encourages everyone to buy a treat at their local independent chocolate store.

The company says that hopefully if everyone plays their part we can ensure the vibrant and diverse chocolate industry that Britons have come to know and love thrives #ForTheLoveOfChocolate.

In solidarity with these six independent chocolatiers, Cadbury is changing its most famous advertisement, Mum’s Birthday, on TV, in outdoor advertising and on YouTube for two weeks to feature the Partners brand instead, replacing its Cadbury Dairy Milk.

According to Cadbury, this would normally have required an advertising budget of almost half a million pounds.

Cadbury supports six independent chocolatiers

Cadbury also offers 2,000 chocolate products, made up of a selection of six independent chocolatiers. Apart from Cocoa Amore in Leicester, the independents involved are Hill Street in Essex, Chouchoute in Birmingham, Choc on Choc in Bath, Melange in London and Cocoa Cabana in Manchester.

The free chocolate will be available on from Tuesday May 4th.

Peter Gardner of Cocoa Amore said: “We are honored to be part of a national campaign alongside a great British institution like Cadbury, to shed light on our activities and those of other independent chocolate factories across the country, all for the love of Chocolat!

Pete Gardner, Director of Cocoa Amore

“We hope that if everyone is inspired to support small retailers, there is a real chance that the high street can thrive again for future generations to enjoy.

Colin O’Toole, Associate Marketing Director Cadbury UK & Ireland at Mondelez, said: “We are proud to support local chocolatiers across the UK. As a nation, we’ve always been fortunate to have a thriving chocolate scene, full of variety and creativity; and at Cadbury, of course, we understand what it’s like to start out as a small, independent chocolate factory.

“So we wanted to take the opportunity to support our fellow chocolatiers and ask the nation to do the same. After all, it’s for the love of chocolate! “


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