Businesses are still funding lawmakers who voted to quash elections – fr

Businesses are still funding lawmakers who voted to quash elections – fr

Companies such as Toyota, JetBlue, and Cigna continue to donate thousands of dollars to lawmakers who voted against Joe Biden being certified as president.

After a host of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan.6 to try to block Congress from certifying Biden’s victory, many large U.S. companies rushed to cut ties with the 147 lawmakers of the GOP who voted against the results.

Dozens of companies, including Walmart, Amazon, Morgan Stanley and AT&T, have said they will stop giving donations to these specific lawmakers, and Hallmark has even asked Hawley and Kansas Senator Roger Marshall to return his donations.

Other companies, including Microsoft, Deloitte and Goldman Sachs, have said they will instead suspend all political donations to Republicans and Democrats. Many have given a fixed schedule for their break.

Another group of companies has said it will revise its contribution policies or take the events of January 6 into account when granting funding.

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, founder of Yale’s Chief Executive Leadership Institute, told Axios in March that companies that halted political donations are unlikely to lift this ban anytime soon. However, recent filings from the Federal Election Commission show that some companies continue to donate to these lawmakers.

Color of Change, which claims to be America’s largest racial justice organization with more than 7 million members, is urging those companies to stop donating.

Jade Ogunnaike, senior campaign manager at Color of Change, told Insider that Trump’s presidency “undermines faith in our democracy.”

She said lawmakers, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, who voted against Biden’s certification, “would have been very happy to do whatever they can to make sure Trump stays in. office. “

“You can’t forget that these are not members of Congress that we can trust,” Ogunnaike added.

“It is extremely important that companies understand this and refuse to support people who supported violence in the transfer of power,” she said.

The vast majority of companies that have pledged to stop funding these GOP lawmakers have stuck to their word – but some companies that have made more vague promises on the assessment of PAC criteria have restarted donations, while others have donated money to various Republican committees which, in turn, fund those lawmakers.

Here are the companies that are still funding these 147 opponents, according to data from the Federal Election Commission until March 31.


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