Business owners at ‘breaking point’ ready to defy foreclosure rules: CFIB – fr

Business owners at ‘breaking point’ ready to defy foreclosure rules: CFIB – fr

Small business owners pushed to their financial advantage by extended COVID-19 lockdowns are ready to take drastic action – including defying lockdown restrictions – to protect their livelihoods, Canadian Federation chief says of the independent enterprise (FCEI).
“The number of tweets and emails I have received from business owners willing to challenge lockdowns is increasing by the minute, especially in Ontario,” CFIB President Dan Kelly said in several tweets posted on Tuesday. .

While Kelly does not recommend breaking provincial restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19, he also understands the immense pressure that business owners are currently under.

“I don’t think governments appreciate how close we are to the breaking point of society,” he wrote. “If you were in a position to lose your business, your economic future, your home, what would you do?”

Since the pandemic began in March 2020, restaurants and indoor gyms in several parts of Ontario have been closed for more than 300 days, while salons and other non-essential retailers have been closed for about 200 days.

Provincial governments recently implemented tighter restrictions on COVID-19 amid another surge in infections, although some provinces like Saskatchewan have already unveiled roadmaps for reopening their economies.

CTV News reported on Monday that the Ontario health minister may extend the provincial stay-at-home order until June, or until infection rates drop significantly.

Some business owners have already taken bold stances against the rules, including a barbecue restaurant owner in Toronto who was arrested after allowing indoor dining and a gym in Mississauga, Ont. whose owners face several charges for violating health rules.

Ben Graci, who runs The Doctor’s House banquet hall and XXI Chophouse restaurant in Vaughan, Ont., Is a business owner frustrated by government inaction. He told BNN Bloomberg that he had not generated any income in the past 13 months, while incurring monthly costs of up to $ 130,000.

“We don’t plan to defy any law. Our industry holds weddings and events eight to 24 months in advance. I can’t take any risk stopping with another event the next day or the weekend, ”he said in an email.

“We have the feeling that politicians don’t care. They did not accept a pay cut. They were not made redundant. All levels of government have let down our industry, ”said Graci.

Kelly said governments at all levels are not doing enough to support businesses through the latest COVID-19 restrictions.

“We need to find an immediate path to provide support to business owners facing permanent shutdown due to COVID restrictions,” he tweeted. “It means finding ways to allow them to operate with limited capacity.”


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