Burnaby shooting dead man – fr

Burnaby shooting dead man – fr

The Lower Mainland Homicide Investigation Team said a man died as a result of a shooting in Burnaby.
British Columbia Emergency Health Services said paramedics responded to the incident at 6th Street between 12th and 13th Aves around 7 p.m. PT and transported a patient to hospital.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) later said in a tweet that the victim died of his injuries.

Burnaby RCMP initially responded to the shooting, but have yet to share details of what happened.

There have been several shootings in the Lower Mainland in recent weeks, many in public places such as parking lots at shopping malls or public parks.

Police say many of the shootings are drug and gang related.

Burnaby violence

Six days ago, a 43-year-old man was arrested after a morning shooting in Burnaby that sent a 25-year-old woman to hospital with non-fatal injuries.

In mid-March, police discovered a burnt female body in a Burnaby park with other suspicious injuries. IHIT then took over the business.

A man died after a shooting in a residential area of ​​Burnaby in February, which followed another fatal shooting nine days earlier in the city.


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