Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s final season premiered after the Olympics – fr

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s final season premiered after the Olympics – fr

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finally has a release strategy: The NBC comedy is set to return in August for its final ten-episode series, the channel announced today. While no specific timeline has been announced, NBC has said the show will debut right after the Tokyo Olympics ends (assuming, of course, the Olympics take place). But after Nine-Nine ends its season in late September or early October, NBC will launch a fall program with zero new or returning comedy – the first time the Peacock Network has been no laughing prime-time fall since dawn of the sitcom in the 1950s.

While television historians will note the milestone, in reality NBC’s decision is not that big of a deal. On the one hand, the network only had two comedies in the fall of 2015, and the two shows – Updateable and The truth be told – were buried on Friday and barely noticed by viewers. And NBC doesn’t come out of the comedy industry at all. At a press briefing on Friday, executives noted that the channel has renewed three new comedies for the second season and ordered two more, with all five returning in early 2022 as part of planned comedy blocks. over two nights. Saving the laughs for later will allow NBC to start new dramas behind The voice Mondays and Tuesdays, while letting it create a whole night of Law and order shows on Thursdays. Comedies also tend to be harder to kick off these days, so it makes sense to do it in a less crowded environment than in the fall.

As for other notable fall NBC developments:

The voice will only air one cycle in the 2021–22 television season, making it the first time the show has not had a spring edition since its launch. It’s a move many industry insiders have been waiting for for years, as doing two cycles accelerated the show’s downgrade somewhat.

• The last season of It’s us will air in early 2022, rather than starting in the fall. The network (and, presumably, the producers) didn’t want to split up the final episodes, which means the show’s final airing will mostly run over consecutive weeks.

• As expected, the network has confirmed that it will not launch a new talk show once in the 1:37 hour slot. A little late with Lilly Singh ends later this year. The network says it has other plans for the slot machine, but was not specific.


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